While raiding a Cerberus base, I came throughout a medi-gel formula that they ignored because it doesn"t aid human beings. My mission log tells me someone on the Citadel will be interested, so once the mission was over I flew appropriate ago and ran approximately the Citadel trying to find the interested party, even triple-checking the Hospital, and can not uncover anyone that desires it.

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Who execute I offer the alien medi-gel formula to?


A humale medical professional will certainly be in search of the medi-gel formula you have actually in your possession following the completion of your mission on Palaven. You can discover her in lobby of the Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel, to your left once you walk in the door:


Outside of having actually completed the Palaven mission, there"s nothing in specific that you need to carry out to create this mission past talking to her once in possession of the forumla. As Raven Dreamer notes in the comments, the medical professional does have a side-conversation that would clue you into her require for the formula to begin via which you"ll overheard as you strategy her.



When I first concerned the hospital after obtaining the formula, she was not below.But she was after I did a mission (Palaven).


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