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Monsoon is just one of the primary antagonists in the 2013 hack and slash action game Metal equipment Rising: Revengeance. Monsoon"s nihilistic in-game monologue about memes as devices of culturally transmitted details that control humanity got much online notoriety, with fans eventually associating the decided with web memes.

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On February 19th, 2013, Metal equipment Rising: Revengeance to be released in phibìc America because that the playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. In the game"s main campaign, the player controls the mercenary Raiden, who at some point must struggle the cyborg ninja Monsoon.<1> before the ceo battle, a cut scene is shown featuring a conversation between the two characters, during which Monsoon expresses his philosophical views top top memes, calling lock the "DNA that the soul" (shown below).

Monsoon: "Free will certainly is a myth. Faith is a joke. We room all pawns, regulated by miscellaneous greater: Memes. The DNA that the soul. They form our will. They room the culture. They are every little thing we happen on."


On September 22nd, 2012, before the game"s release, a web page for Monsoon was developed on the Metal gear Wiki.<1> top top April 13th, 2013, Monsoon was mentioned in the "Memes: steel Gear" write-up on TV Tropes.<10> ~ above April 28th, the Tumblr asking blog "Ask Monsoon"<9> was launched, featuring cartoons the Monsoon answering miscellaneous user-submitted questions.

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On December 12th, FanFiction.net<11> user wheel-of-psychosis submitted a fanfic titled "Metal equipment Memevil: password Monsoon." top top February 3rd, 2014, Tumblr user Suddenlywolf<3> posted an image featuring a Monsoon quote, gaining much more than 29,000 notes over the following year (shown below, left). The month, the video clip game guide site Prima Games<8> released an write-up titled "10 Coolest Deaths in the Metal equipment Franchise," ranking Monsoon"s death as #10 ~ above the list. On in march 3rd, 2014, YouTuber Turkish Phantom post a clip that Raiden speak the phrase "Your memes finish here" after ~ Monsoon"s loss (shown below, right).