Between 1950 and 2014, the two sides have met 39 times. The Selecao winner 22 matches and also El Tri just 10, yet Brazilian fans absolutely suffered some difficult defeats follow me the way.
Brazil vs MexicoThe last 10 meetings

Two old adversaries satisfy once again on June 7 in Sao Paulo, as Brazil master Mexico in the an initial Chevrolet Brazil global Tour match to be played on house soil due to the fact that last year’s world Cup. The relationship between these 2 football power house truly began almost half a century ago, at people Cup 1970 throughout a summer that witnessed Pele, Tostao, Rivelino and also Gerson insurance claim Brazil’s 3rd World title – and with that the understanding of the Mexican fans at the famed Azteca Stadium.

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Their an initial clash, however, occurred twenty years previously at the human being Cup the 1950, play in Brazil. ~ above June 24 at the Maracana, the Selecao thrashed your North American competitor 4-0 v katifund.orgs native Ademir (2), Jair and also Baltazar. 4 years later, in Switzerland, Brazil go one better, beating Mexico 5-0. In 1962, as soon as the Selecao asserted their 2nd world title, lock triumphed 2-0. There would be a 52-year wait in between for their following meeting in ~ a civilization Cup, as they played the end a katifund.orgless attract in Fortaleza critical year.

Brazil wins the end in the head-to-head, however: in 39 matches, Brazil has won 22, Mexico 10, and also there have actually been 7 draws.But Mexico has definitely made Brazilian pan suffer, especially in finals of the CONCACAF yellow Cup in 1996, 1999 Confederations Cup, and the Olympic gamings in 2012.

Below, Chevrolet Brasil an international Tour takes a look ago at several of the much more memorable games between Brazil and also Mexico:

Competition:World Cup
Venue:Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza
RefereeCuneyt Cakır (Turkey)

Julio Cesar, Daniel Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Marcelo, Luiz Gustavo, Ramires (Bernard), Paulinho, Oscar (Willian), Neymar, Fred (Jo)

Mexico:Guillermo Ochoa; havier Rodriguez, Rafael Marquez, Hector Moreno; Paul Aguilar, Hector Herrera (Marco Fabian), Jose Juan Vazquez, Andres Guardado, Miguel Layun; Giovani dos Santos (Raul Jiménez), duck shaft Peralta (Javier Hernandez).

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A jam-packed Castelao expected a party, yet the locals were ultimately left disappointed as the Selecao ongoing their labored begin to human being Cup 2014. Luiz Felipe Scolari’s hold was knocked out of its valuation by a spirited and disciplined mexican side the would leave in the round of 16 just after the Netherlands to be awarded a punish deep into injury time. Mexican katifund.orgkeeper Gillermo Ochoa to be named male of the match as that made save after save versus tournament favourite Brazil in Fortaleza, stopping spectacularly native Neymar, Paulinho and also Thiago Silva, though El Tri had chances, leaving both groups slightly disappointed to be sharing the spoils.

Comeptition:Confederations Cup
Venue: Estádio King Fahad
Referee:Ian McLeod (South Africa)
katifund.orgs:Romario (41), Denilson (61), Junio Baiano (66); Blanco (51), Ramirez (90)
Brazil:Dida (Rogerio Ceni), Ze Maria, Aldair, small Baiano, Roberto Carlos, Dunga, Flavio Conceicao, Juninho Paulista, Denílson, Ronaldo (Bebeto), Romario
Mexico:Oscar Perez, Francisco Gabriel De Anda (Luis Garcia), Claudio Suarez, Duilio Davino; Pavel Pardo, Raul Lara, Braulio Luna (Ramon Ramirez), Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Salvador Carmona; Francisco Palencia, luis Hernández
Dunga has a long background with Mexico. The was component of the Brazil team the traveled come the very first edition that the Confederations Cup, organized in Saudi Arabia in 1997. Merger the experience of the 1994 civilization champion through new, younger players, Brazil beat Mexico 3-2 – the exact same score the 2 teams created in the Copa America team stage clash simply six month previously. Coach Mario Zagallo to be preparing the team for the civilization Cup of 1998, creating a world-class front heat after a young Ronaldo join the squad to rest up the pairing of Bebeto and Romario. Dunga wore the captain’s armband and went on to lift the title as Ronaldo and also Romario both struck cap tricks in a 6-0 demolition the Australia in the final.