My thoughts on MGS: tranquility Walker. (or 'How Monster Hunter Indirectly affected the Future the MGS')

Having freshly played the hell out of Monster Hunter on 3DS/Wii U I've just decided to lastly play through peace Walker, and I i found it a few things about the development of portable Metal equipment titles, how PW relates come the MH series, and their influence on soil Zeroes and TPP.

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Metal equipment on portable consoles had actually a rocky start. MGS: Ghost Babel is a damn great GBC game that has actually that MG2 feel, yet it isn't canon. And also while everyone want MGS on PSP, we were given a pair card games with the Ac!d titles instead.

When MGS: Portable Ops released, i was excited come play a 'real' portable Metal equipment Solid. The gameplay was pretty lot spot on indigenous what ns remember. Ns was a little bit turned turn off by the mission-based framework of the game, despite it made feeling for a portable title. The soldier collecting mechanic turned the game into this Pokemon-esque unit builder which did fit the storyline, however having come heal and also switch characters between missions made snake feel less like the main character and just the OP male you constantly want to use however gets beat up the many so you have to use some other man who has the next finest stats at part parts. Or I simply never uncovered enough Rations. Anyway, how greatly the video game relied on actually utilizing your other soldiers actually deterred me from ever before completing the game (also, learning the video game is semi-canon keeps me from completing it and causing more confusion in PW and also TPP)

Jump to 2010, peace Walker came out and appeared to it is in a an ext serious entry in the collection what v Kojima's direct involvement and also the at an early stage title. (MGS5: peace Walker) by now I rarely offered my PSP as well as SNES/GBA emulators ~ above the go, for this reason I assumed I'd offer it a try. The fulton-recovery device was a welcome addition and the video game now felt much less like Pokemon and an ext like one RPG where you entrust recruits to work that aid you build and also upgrade her gear. Missions were now sandwiched between cutscenes and also codecs were preserved to a minimum, mostly obtained through tapes you could listen come later. Spring back, that's one awesome method to existing the story for a video game on a mechanism that doubles together an MP3 player. It felt an ext like a real Metal equipment now but for exactly how much I supplied my PSP, I never got approximately to beating it. The reliance on playing v friends for the harder missions never aided either.

2013, I had actually just purchased a 3DS and also a friend convinced me to get Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate along with a pair others. The game has a large learning curve for beginners and also starts pretty slow, but powering with it through friends is a blast. For those no in the know, that starts you out collecting herbs, mushrooms, mining minerals, etc. To bring ago to the village hub world to farm and also combine into healing items and other equipment. The meat of the game is playing through quests which put you in a world split up right into 10 or so locations (each around the dimension of every area in PW) where you track down a stated creature and either kill it or trap it and put it to sleep. Once you've killed the monster friend carve components from the corpse (or in the instance of a capture, it offers you parts after the quest). Which parts you gain rely on weight RNG and which components of the monster you damaged the most. Friend then usage the components to make more powerful weapons and also armor to walk hunt larger/faster/and meaner monsters. As soon as playing in a group, 300 hrs of this video game can walk by and you'll be just scratching the surface of the last tier of monsters. Together for the combat, you really need to watch the monsters carefully and also get a grasp of their strike patterns before striking. Also, your HP is hidden, for this reason you have to pay attention to their behaviour to know just how close you are to beating them. Needless come say, this has quickly come to be my favorite game next to the Metal equipment series.

Jump to this week. Having been done v MH3U and also GZ because that a when now(I've refrained from listening to every one of Paz's tapes because of PW spoilers though I recognize some that the apparent parts), wait for MH4U and also TPP, I chose to give PW one more go ~ above the HD collection. I knew they had actually a address Capcom to have actually MH quests in the game (while felynes in MH obtained MGS equipment) though ns didn't establish PW was running on a modified MH engine until recently. The mission structure carefully resembles MH with side-ops and time trials in each area together the key missions. You conference soldiers and also equipment no unlike gathering herbs, mining minerals, and also carving small monsters. And also the bosses space no doubt in mine mind based on the very same data structures offered for big monsters in MH. Pupa, the AI-driven Shagohod, moves prefer a Nargacuga on wheels while Chrysalis is pretty much a Rathian v a railgun. I even uncovered myself replaying ceo fights to focus on that railgun or radome so I could collect your memory boards as soon as I had far better weapons and also the ability to carry out so to end up up what I essential for ZEKE and also to let the R&D go through a few cycles. That is Monster Hunter in a nutshell.

I'm reasoning they noticed exactly how off the Pokemon-style version felt because that an action game and also remodeled their device after the Monster Hunter series. From what we understand in GZ and gameplay demos of TPP, the new game shows up to be taking a similar approach. We'll use the fulton-recovery mechanism to rebuild mommy Base through soldiers, vehicles, crates, goats, and dogs and we'll likely select where we'd prefer to go and what mission to perform from that central hub. The optional buddy device is storage of the optional Felyne/Shakalaka system in MH with a few more bells and also whistles. Time seems to be flow in dynamically quite than mission cycles though it quiet affects the expansion of D.D. And likely R&D and also the health/compliance of soldiers like in PW.

While fostering GZ and the TPP demos, KojiPro has actually been emphasizing the replay-ability of missions and how they differ relying on how you play it the last time. I'm unsure whether they mean new missions in the very same area or replaying the same one you perfect before, however to make a mission on purpose harder to go back to and also find all the things you missed the an initial time appears a little odd. It's a cool feature and also somewhat realistic, yet it leads me to believe there have to be a bigger motive to go back to some objectives at the very least than just collecting an ext soldiers and also goats. It provides me think we'll be scavenging components from part AI boss in some specific mission in south Africa a pair times over for arm/mech upgrades. Or it might be something entirely different...

PW and GZ also appear to it is in addressing many of the complaints world have about the series. Much better cutscene monitoring with the mission system and also gameplay is no much longer interrupted by lengthy codec sequences. Despite a lot of that to be from the video game being ~ above a portable console and also compensating for battery life. We'll see exactly how the RPG aspects fare top top a console title though the MH style progression functions pretty damn well because that PW and also would compliment the replay-ability the GZ and also TPP.

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Tl;dr: i didn't prefer Portable Ops, i m sorry kinda deterred me from play through tranquility Walker the an initial time around. Played and fell in love through Monster Hunter. Went ago to tranquility Walker recently and now realize the affect MH had actually on it, and also possibly the future of the series.