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Michael de Adder’s illustration shown Trump play golf end the bodies of two drowned migrants, questioning the dead migrants “Do girlfriend mind if ns play through?”

A Canadian cartoonist’s illustration of president Donald Trump playing golf over the body of two drowned migrants went viral Wednesday. Two days later, Michael de Adder said on Twitter the he had actually been let go by a publishing company in brand-new Brunswick, Canada.

De Adder’s illustration depicted Trump asking the 2 dead migrants, “Do friend mind if i play through?”

The cartoon describes the picture of Oscar Alberto Martínez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, lying face down in water surrounded by reeds. The two drowned if attempting to cross the Rio Grande river to obtain into the united States.

“The highs and also lows that cartooning. This day I was simply let go from all papers in new Brunswick,” De Adder tweeted. He later clarified that he had technically to be under contract to job-related for Brunswick News Inc., and wasn’t one employee who can be fired.

Brunswick News Inc. Responded in a declare on Sunday that “it is totally incorrect come suggest” the it canceled a freelance contract with de Adder over the trump cartoon.

“This is a false narrative i m sorry has arised carelessly and recklessly on society media,” the publishing agency wrote. It said that de Adder never readily available the trump card cartoon come the agency and had currently decided to “bring back” an additional cartoonist it stated was famous with readers. “egotiations had been ongoing for weeks,” it stated.

De Adder tweeted the he would bounce back from shedding the job and that the just had actually to “recoup a percentage of my weekly income.” De Adder has a publication he said will be released in September.

He did not respond to a request for further comment indigenous CNN Business.

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Wes Tyrell, president of the combination of Canadian Cartoonists, a experienced group because that artists, asserted that the Brunswick newspapers avoided Trump as a subject of that cartoons — and also de Adder “was act them with regularity for the last couple of years, like any type of cartoonist.”

De Adder’s trump depiction was the latest controversy surrounding political cartoons. Earlier this month, The brand-new York Times stated it had determined to do away v editorial cartoons altogether adhering to outrage end an errantly released an anti-Semitic cartoon in its worldwide edition.