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“The supervisor Retro” is sufficient to satisfy also the many blood thirsty gamers fill. Game away…

NOTE: Must have actually Homebrew Channel installed in bespeak to download Console channels & Cios. If friend don’t already have it, go to the Tutorials page and also watch the video on just how to to gain it. Additionally I imply a non-motion wii controller.

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AS always WE stand BEHIND ours PRODUCTS!


Payment Plan: The plan is 45% down and then you have actually 15 work to do the next payment. If you are unable to make the payment prior to the 15 day duration and need longer we can give a 3 day grace period. After that if you perform not fully pay, her 45% will be completely refunded.

Preloaded 128gb SD map ONLY!!! system not Included

128gb SD Card v 30 Consoles & 10,000+ games! simply insert SD Card, Install networks & Play! clock the video tutorial on how to install all the networks on Ain’t no entertainment YouTube page. Girlfriend will additionally need to install Cios.

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No storage cards required! gamings save to the SD Card. No GameCube controller? No problem! pat wireless through the standard Wii controller (NOTE: not all Pro standard controllers are known by the wii, If that be the case for you, I imply the original classic controller or a GameCube controller) simply plug & play!

Now special WiiMC!

Turn your wii into a media center with wiimc. Play movies & music indigenous a usb or sd card. Also play DVD’s’ all from the comfort of the Wii!


Q: ns can’t find the games!

A: go to Aint no to chat YouTube page and find the video clip on installing channels and also follow it.

Q: once I select a video game in Sega I acquire a black display

A: you will have actually to adjust your video setup from initial to progressive or vise versa

Q: CFG says “iOS 249 is a stub reinstall it” what perform I do?

A: walk to the Tutorials page and also find the video clip on iOS 249 stub fix

Q: ns don’t have a Wii, deserve to I tho play these games?

A: yes! You have the right to use the games on any kind of emulators! you don’t have to have a Wii! just message me for an ext information