MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. – As US Naval Corps officials at last week"s Modern Day Naval expo touted the require for invention, service providers in the little business tent showed exactly how innovation is already reshaping contemporary warfare.

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Speaking throughout a panel presentation for market, Maj. Gen. Vincent Coglianese, assistant deputy commandant for installations and also logistics, shelp the Naval Corps needs to take on creation, not only in terms of tools but in its thinking. He referred to as upon the defense sector to look beyond conventional techniques to help the Maritime Corps adapt.

"That invention, those remedies, and also not thinking, "That"s the way we provided to execute it" — exactly how we"re going carry out it later in this obstacle is what we need aid through," he shelp.

Amongst those showcasing their innovations, GATR Techonologies, a Huntsville, Alabama-based antenna agency, carried its blow up interactions terminal to Quantico. Hooffered in an inflatable round, the 2.4-meter antenna and also terminal weights less than 200 pounds complete, and also can fit quickly into two portable tough cases.

The antenna, which can help devices establish broadband linkups in remote locations, has been provided by Special Forces because 2008, and is presently offered by all 4 business branches.

"It"s a really significant antenna in a little-bitty box," said GATR CEO and President Paul Gierow.

There are presently approximately 400 systems in the area, largely with Sone-of-a-kind Ooperations forces, he said.

Traditionally, a Naval Expeditionary Unit satellite communications load-out would weigh even more than 25,000 pounds and also take up virtually 2,600 cubic feet, compared to just 3,000 pounds and also 189 cubic feet for GATR"s blow up satellite antenna device, according to the company"s figures.

That dovetails This fits with current efforts desire to reaffirm the Marine Corps’ its expeditionary capabilities.

"We think these pressures are going to be operating in distributed, regularly displaced in complicated city terrain," sassist Col. Roger Turner Jr., office of the assistant commandant of the Maritime Corps for plans, plan and operations through Headquarters Maritime Corps at the Pentagon, in the time of the sector panel. "And anything we have the right to execute to lighten the pack on individual Marines and also seafarers out tbelow is important."

Another eye-grabbing display screen in the tiny organization tent was Survice Engineering Co.’s scale version of its float bike, which is presently undergoing tests in the United Kingdom.

The car functions 4 rotors, similar to those on quadcopter drones, yet in a slightly various configuration. Rather than spcheck out out into 4 corners, tright here are 2 overlapping rotors overlap in the front and back, leaving room for an operator and also cargo in the middle.

The vehicle deserve to carry a payfill of 800 pounds and deserve to take a trip 50 mph miles per hour for 3 hours, offering it a 150-mile range, shelp Robert Baltrusch, Survice’s industrial design team lead. It is designed to continue to be aloft also if one of the rotors is disabled by foe fire, and unchoose many quadcopters currently accessible, it does not spin uncontrollably if one rotor stops working.

The Belcamp, Maryland-based firm is working via UK-based Malloy Aeronautics to build hover bikes with a goal of maintaining in-trip noise under 80 decibels, making them even more challenging to spot as soon as flying low and fast.

State-of-the-art innovation was additionally on display in tiny packperiods, such as Aegisound"s noise-reducing headsets for flight deck personnel sustaining the extremely loud F-35 jump jet. By placing digital active noise reduction in custom-fitted earbuds inside larger cups worn over the ears, the Christiansburg, Virginia-based firm offers 3 forms of hearing protection for on-deck personnel.

Used effectively, the headset deserve to alleviate noise levels by 30 decibels, making radio communication feasible as soon as paired through a noise-reducing microphone and also muzzle.

Aegisound’s top-of-the-line headcollection can run up to $5,000 each, but a fairly minor cost up front could save money down the line, as hearing loss while on active duty can bring about huge costs later on. The Amerideserve to Tinnitus Association projects that tinnitus and other hearing loss-associated claims will certainly price the Department of Veterans Affairs about $2.75 billion in 2016, up from $720 million a decade previously.

Just as with other components of the budgain, cost considerations are crucial for providers looking to lug innovation to the Pentagon, said Bill Taylor, the Naval Corps" regimen executive officer for land systems.

This have the right to be especially challenging in periods lacking budacquire clarity for the Pentagon and its providers, such as the current uncertainty surrounding what Congress will certainly perform as soon as the current fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

"Similar to contending for programs of record, I would indicate that industry"s capability to prioritize invention is taking a hit as we increasingly move with these budacquire battles," Taylor sassist. "Similar to completing for contracts, the ability to invest in invention is significantly affected by decreasing budgets."


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