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you think reddit's bad, shot 4chan! i honestly don't think the 2 are also com..." style="height:10px">

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> you think reddit's bad, try 4chan!I open minded don't think the two are even comparable. Moderating a huge subreddit top top reddit is infinitely harder and more facility than 4chan. Few of the larger subreddits see more pageviews 보다 the entirety of 4chan.Moving beyond that, moderators ~ above 4chan are completely anonymous unless they pick to it is in known. This isn't the case with reddit. Moderators frequently have to have a long and also tenured account background or rather they don't really have actually a shot at being added onto a mode team in the first place. Very few subreddits, and no large ones, will include someone to your team there is no a history.This is important because with a history, you open up yourself approximately attacks. If you carry out something unpopular, girlfriend will get witch-hunted by reddit's masses. I speak from an individual experience. World will call your house, her loved ones, send pizzas or worse. You're literally walking on eggshells 24/7, 365 days of the year. And also then even if you do every little thing right, if someone has it out for you, that doesn't matter. They'll still figure out that you are and also harass you. It's an added dynamic that just doesn't exist through moderation top top 4chan.Moderating a huge subreddit top top reddit (a large default, prefer /r/Pics, /r/Funny, /r/Worldkatifund.org, etc) is probably the toughest moderating job on the web right now. And also what makes it hard are the millions upon millions of users.On 4chan, you're literally a janitor. Top top reddit, you're a janitor and also you're likewise responsible for community building and also everything that comes along with that. It's your community and also if girlfriend don't develop it, nobody will certainly come.

>On 4chan, you're accurate a janitor. ~ above reddit, you're a janitor and also you're likewise responsible for neighborhood building and everything the comes along with that. It's your community and also if friend don't build it, nobody will come.That's a fair point. Ns was greatly addressing the comment around "barrier to entry," due to the fact that the obstacle to entrance on 4chan is basically nil. There is no anything the same, similar thing an account history, there's a substantial amount the impersonation, which renders for a daunting social dynamic.> If you do something unpopular, you will acquire witch-hunted by reddit's massesInterestingly, mine janitor take care of was leaked in ~ one point, and also despite that being simply a few hops away from my genuine identity, I never experienced any type of harassment. I deserve to only i think it's because I wasn't much of a target; 4chan doesn't phone call you that was responsible for her ban, so only moot and a few of the much more outspoken mods attracted the attention of the mob.

> This is important since with a history, you open up yourself as much as attacks.Which is why I set up a script a few months ago to delete mine account history every month. The quantity of doxing I saw on reddit make me nervous.

This has limited utility due to the fact that people space archiving comments in genuine time and also uploading them to big Query https://katifund.org/item?id=9869871Here's the realtime comments feeding - add .xml, .json or .rss to adjust the format: https://www.reddit.com/comments

letstryagain ~ above Sept 24, 2015 <–>
I adjust my username every few months

marincounty on Sept 23, 2015 <–>
does Reddit salary you for moderation? ns think I understand the answer, yet they need to start to pay. It's not prefer they don't have throw about money?I deserve to take part Reddit, but get exhausted pretty quick. One hoax is funny, yet 50 quips just reminds me exactly how I loate humans. (Not loathe--just dissapointed.) Kinda favor the feeling I acquire when I'm on Facebook longer than a few minutes?They build it, and people came. People opened their mouths, and confirmed all doubt?
>Does Reddit salary you because that moderation?There space enough civilization that view moderating a subreddit together a source of strength that they just don't have to, new mods would constantly be obtainable for free.>It's not favor they don't have throw roughly money?Uhh, reddit hemorrhages money, every effort at profitability has actually failed. Paying moderators would administer no value.
>Uhh, reddit hemorrhages money, every attempt at profitability has actually failed. Payment moderators would carry out no value.I don't see the correlation.
friend can't pay human being token sums to moderate or they can sue you and demand appropriate wages and also benefits.The exact same thing taken place to AOL's old chat rooms ago in the 90's and also early 2000's.http://priceonomics.com/the-aol-chat-room-monitor-revolt/
janny_throwaway on Sept 23, 2015 <–>
They execute it for complimentary :^)
hcon on Sept 23, 2015 <–>
finishing statements with concern marks doesn't do them much less committal, therefore just finish them with periods.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCNIBV87wV4
> ns think I understand the answer, yet they must start to pay.Probably no a an excellent idea considering the drama and also mod abuse that's taken place in the past...

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They'll still figure out that you are and also harass you. It's an added dynamic that simply doesn't exist v moderation top top 4chanNo, 4chan simply generates and targets harassment against other identifiable civilization instead, consisting of those not on 4chan, and the moderators room complicit in this harassment by no removing threads arranging it.