Monument Valley was one of the ideal mobile games of last year, and that trend continues via the title’s second development, Ida’s Dream.

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Ida’s Dream, which was actually released last year as part of an in-app purchase Project (RED) charitable promotion (it’s currently cost-free on all platforms) continues the minimalist method ustwo games arguably ignited in the mobile gaming civilization with Monument Valley’s release. The expansion’s original red-coloured graphics, and a brand-new visual overhaul, are contained in this new re-release of Ida’s Dream.

Because Ida’s Dream is an expansion, building off of the mind-bending M.C. Escher-inspired puzzle idea establimelted in Monument Valley, the game is exceedingly tough. Ida’s Dream assumes you understand the basics of Monument Valley and then intends to construct on those ideas. Thus I discovered many kind of of Ida’s Dream’s levels to be even more hard than anything contained in Monument Valley or the game’s first growth, Forgained Shores.

Ida’s Dream functions a windmill hub world where the player enters each of the expansions few, but still compelling levels. While the initially of the few levels contained in this growth are a breeze, the latter half of the game is exceedingly tough (although you deserve to select to finish some levels in a various order).


For example, the last stage (relying on what order you play the levels in) introduces a wall surface climbing system that permits the player to relocate to various surfaces, including a brand-new variable to Monument Valley’s formula that I discovered difficult to grasp at initially. Once I controlled to figure out exactly how the game’s grappling mechanism operated the level became relatively straightforward to move my silent princess with.

But the sense of satisfactivity obtained after lastly surpassing a specifically difficult stage, without the help of online guides (a crutch I unfortunately had actually to resort to on one occasion) still stays. You might also argue that completing a level in Ida’s Dream is actually even more satisfying than the major search thanks to Ida’s Dream’s steep challenge level.

It’s hard to not recommfinish Ida’s Dream to fans of the original Monument Valley bereason, despite its brevity, the game is currently entirely complimentary. And if you’re new to ustwo’s deceptively simplistic puzzle title, you’ll get also more content once you purchase the game.


Many type of assume Ida’s Dream will certainly be the last content upday for Monument Valley bereason ustwo’s development initiatives (if recent interviews are to be believed) seem to be changing towards their next title, Land’s End, a game that’s been defined as a online fact game concentrated on producing a “story adventure.” Us2 is also supposedly functioning on a totally various game that functions the very same minimalist concepts as Monument Valley.

Monument Valley has actually reportedly offered an astounding 4 million duplicates throughout all platdevelops considering that its launch.

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Ida’s Dream is available on iOS and Android for cost-free. Monument Valley costs $4.59 on the iOS App Store and also $3.99 in the Google Play application store.