The pc version of Moonlighter is receiving a considerable amount of new features that will certainly be cost-free for anyone that has currently purchased the game. In a heavy steam update, developer Digital sun Games and also publisher 11 little bit studios exit a readjust log that emphasizes that the game will have actually a brand-new Game Plus setting added. The mode adds added challenges as the enemies and bosses get boost in difficulty. The notes additionally mention that a new weapon set and secret Amulet artefacts will it is in included, exclude, to brand-new Game to add mode. Because of player demand, the video game will additionally incorporate extr save slots.

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Besides the additions mentioned above, the readjust log lists general fixes to bugs and other power enhancements:

General Fixes:

Updated and improved translationsCredits screen no much longer gets corrupted upon skippingControls space now shown correctly top top the indict scrolls and HUD buttonsIn-game UI no longer can be displayed in key menuNames the the DLC tools are now displaying correctly
Big red slime need to no much longer push character through wallsFixed “fake floor” in some specific roomsNo longer feasible to accessibility inventory throughout Forest boss fightFixed opening computer animation of woodland dungeon doorsHelmets no longer pierce v slimesFixed concern where hot Springs did not prevent glowing when they were inactiveNo longer possible to connect with empty slot at the BlacksmithFixed limitless loading display upon returning to forest dungeon via portalBard puppet have the right to no longer make other enemies invulnerable to damage

With the developers paying fist to fan criticism, Moonlighter looks to have sustained support planned every the means into 2019. While this updates are shown for the pc version that Moonlighter, the video game is likewise currently accessible for playstations 4 and Xbox One. There has been no cite if this updates are heading come the console versions. A Switch variation will likewise release in November.

Source: Steam


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