As players know by now, Fortnite accounts can be fine worth over thousands of dollars.

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Fortnite is a big game with a collection of skin that proceed to pour in v every single new season. Numerous skins by currently are recognized to be very rare and also in high demand. Despite Fortnite knows just as much, castle don’t constantly rerelease some skins indigenous the past, together as part from Chapter1 – Season 1.

With that said, part accounts have actually held onto their skins, cosmetics, V-Bucks, and an ext to full up on part expensive accounts. Below we take a look at the peak 5 many expensive Fortnite accounts.

Top 5 most Expensive Fortnite Accounts

#5 – Bionic

Bionic has actually several skin in his account, some of which encompass rare skins such as black Knight, Ghoul Trooper, Royale Knight, and also the Galaxy skin. Many can remember the Galaxy skin gift an to exclude, skin because that Samsung. To obtain this skin, it was compelled to perform a pre-order for among the brand-new Samsung phone/tablet at the moment in thing 1 – Season 5.

Haven"t made a scripted video in awhile, so below you go: The most Expensive Fortnite Skin: What happened To twin Helix?

— Nick (
ReconExpert69) December 3, 2019

Aside native these rarely skins, Bionic also has a most other Legendary and also Epic skin on his account.

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#4 – Ali-A

Claiming to have actually a $10,000 account, Ali-A has means more skins collectively than Bionic. He shows off numerous OG skin from when the items shop was an initial introduced earlier in 2017. He has actually skins such together Royale Knight, PlayStation exclusive skins, Samsung exclusive skins, and even Nintendo move exclusive skins.

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