How execute I recharge it? No matter exactly how long I leave it connected just the primary battery gets charged and the Power Pack stays at 0%. It offered to charge, but it doesn"t seem to be doing it anymore. I"ve only had it around a month.

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FYI, Motorola chat support might be one of the most inexperienced and useless establishments I"ve encountered.

Just a user prefer yourself.


Found these,






Might help?

Nopoint I uncovered on the Web seemed to aid. But then I redubbed that I have a comparable problem with my Android Nook, and the solution was that it only charges through the power adapter that is gave. So I looked with my repertoire of adapters and I check out that I have actually a new one referred to as Motorola Turbo Power adapter. Sure enough, I tried utilizing that and also the Moto Mod started charging. So all this time that I"m plugged in while I"m driving or whatever before I"ve only been charging the phone battery and not the Power Pack. I wish they"d mentioned that once they provided it to me.

I woke up this morning to my phone and also battery Mod at 100%. Now around 20 minutes later, my mod is saying it"s empty. Moto mod manager is also saying there was an problem with my Moto mod and it will recollection. Granted, that just confirmed up once, but I appears something is absolutely wrong via my mod. I additionally tried pushing the switch on the mod to check the battery level and none of the lights turn on. I"m extremely puzzled appropriate now and also don"t know what else to attempt. I"ve additionally tried restarting my phone itself and also that didn"t job-related either. Anyone know what I deserve to try to resolve it?


Have you tried charging the mod through the phone? Is it taking a charge? Make sure the mod"s software program is as much as day (Attach the mod, go to Settings > Mods > System Update). Check if this can be checked out in safe mode. Thanks.

To Enable Safe Mode1. Press and also host the Power switch until Power off comes up on the display.2. Touch and HOLD Power off on the screen till reboot to safe mode shows up.Just rotate off and on the phone to boot earlier to normal mode.

Best regards,RichMotorola-katifund.org Support

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