In the year 1923, war erupts throughout Calradia and also Balion when even more, bringing life to a new age of mechanization, revolution and also nationalism, and a fourth era of modern technology that will forever before shape the confront of warfare.

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If you are suffering any type of issues, bugs or glitches, hop on over to the Troubleshooting & Knvery own Bugfixes post to see if your concern is noted. This list just has bugs that deserve to be resolved by the player fairly than the developers. The concerns presented in the short article are not appropriate for everyone, as not everyone might endure them. Bugs via scripts and also other in-game attributes will certainly be taken on by the team and also do not have direct remedies.

The mod is being remade, and also a lot of of the current indevelopment will be outdated on the new release.

There is presently no approximated release day for the new version, but the previous ones are still playable.


Greetings, everyone, and welconcerned our sixth blog! This will certainly be an extremely brief update to announce the opening of our Discord server! On it you will uncover some brand-new RWII content, acquire announcements, and also gain to talk through the devs, it will certainly additionally host Age of Sword & Sorcery content, and a couple of mystery side jobs I myself have been working on, so certainly join if you’re interested in RWII and AoS&S.


We’ve been noticeably quiet as of late, unfortunately Reus and also myself have been a small busy; We have actually been occurring RWII in little increments, but things are going incredibly slowly at the minute so here’s what I have been thinking: Since we’re busy, we will require some fresh blood to assist build the mod. We need sceners, especially. We’ll additionally take on coders, and writers, so if you’re interested sfinish me a DM on, or sign up with our Discord server and tell us you’re interested in helping us out.


This has been Archie Fight It Out, and also I hope to be talking to you fellows aobtain in the foreseeable future, so continue to be tuned!


The Red Wars II Team


Advancement Blog #5 - Sargoth RepublicNov 5 2018News 12 comments

In this development blog we"ll be talking about the Sargoth Republic from the upcoming Red Wars II.


Growth Blog #4 - People’s Republic of the KhergitsMar 11 2018News 24 comments

In this advancement blog we"ll be talking about the People’s Republic of the Khergits from the upcoming Red Wars II.

Advancement Blog #3 - United Federation of the VaegirsJan 11 2018News 74 comments

In this development blog we"ll be talking around among the the majority of important factions of Red Wars, the United Federation of the Vaegirs.

Advancement Blog #2 - Swadian ReichDec 20 2017News 29 comments

In this advancement blog we"ll be talking around arguably the the majority of infamous factivity of Red Wars, the Swadian Reich.

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Smoki"s The Red Wars 1.6Jan 9 2019Full Version 83 comments

Made by Sssssmoki! "Its The Red Wars 1.6 through a couple of alters to make it a bit even more secure and playable till The Red Wars 2 is released. So much the changes...

The Red Wars 1.6Nov 26 2014Full Version 133 comments

Alappropriate, the thanksoffering distinct is ultimately right here, the Red Wars 1.6 beta! Enjoy!

The Red Wars 1.9Apr 6 2017Full Version 226 comments

More fixes, a few additions. See the short article for even more indevelopment.

The Red Wars 1.7.5Mar 16 2017Full Version 30 comments

adds multiplayer for all 10 factions, some troops can usage a few more items, some factions require more balancing yet many guns adjusted so they are organized...

The Red Wars 1.7 (Source Code)May 2 2016Other 10 comments

Source code for the unfinimelted 1.7 beta, non Blood and Steel variation. For some reason the build module bat gets tagged as malware. Don"t problem, it"s not.

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So I checked the Discord, and also I have actually negative news and also excellent news. The bad news is that the devs have "pulled the plug" in their words, there are no more updates. Good news is, the demo and resource code (March 2020 was as soon as it was posted) is on the Discord under downlots. So head over tbelow, and if you"re an excellent sufficient modder, you can downfill it and pick up wright here they left off.

Hi! i"m trying to play this mod, but i have a tiny difficulty. When i"m on the menu display my cursor disshows up. Does anyone know why? or at leastern exactly how to deal with it?

Hello!If that happens try going right into your "WarbandModulesThe Red Wars" brochure then go right into the Textures folder and also delete the file.This should revert cursor to default!

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has actually potential, simply requirements more models and also to be devanillaized a lot even more. But I have actually a feeling sooner or later this will beat clash of majesties by a lengthy shot.

Mar 25 2014 by Mr.Nuke

Link to The Red Wars by selecting a switch and also making use of the embed code gave even more...

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