Peru’s high-end Mountain Lodges

Mountain Lodges that Peru operates a repertoire of upscale lodges along some of Peru’s many scenic long routes.

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Their most famous trek begins near sacred Mount Salcantay and concludes in Machu Picchu. Along the way, guests are treated come spectacular vistas, fine meals, and warm hospitality.

“It is not the mountain we conquer however ourselves.”

Edmund Hillary

Day 1:

Cusco to Salkantay Lodge After very early breakfast in Cusco, depart by car toward Salkantay Lodge & Adventure will in Soraypampa.

En route, visit the Inca damages of Tarawasi near the town of Limatambo, 90 minutes from Cusco.


Afterward, stop for coffee in the mountain village of Mollepata, before driving another 30 minute up the mountain to the Marcoccasa trailhead.

Your guided trek begins here, on one easy, four-hour stretch the the “Camino Real” (Royal Path). A box lunch is provided.

Arrive at the Salkantay Lodge & Adventure resort (12,500 feet above sea level), nestled listed below the breathtaking Nevado Salkantay (20,600 feet).

After some time come relax, your very first afternoon is invested at leisure. An evening briefing by the fireplace is complied with by aperitifs and also dinner.

Day 2:

Soraypampa now you’ll have time come relax and also hike close to the lodge. The many popular activity at Soraypampa is a half-day hike (3-4 hours of middle to an overwhelming trail) to a glacial lake.

In the afternoon, reap a be sure soak in the outdoor hot tub. Dinner and also a trek briefing round out the day.


Day 3:

Soraypampa come Wayra Lodge After very early start, hike increase the Rio Blanco Valley, circling Humantay Peak.

The highest suggest on the trek resides here—a pass—15,000 feet above sea level. At the top, take it in views of the snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba variety and watch Andean condors.

From the pass, descend towards Wayra Lodge at Huayraccmachay (12,600 feet above sea level). A hot lunch is listed en route.

Total long walking time for this day is 4 to six hours.

Day 4:

Huayraccmachay to Colpa Lodge after ~ a leisurely breakfast, begin today’s four-hour trek (easy to moderate) by long walking downhill near the Salkantay River.

You’ll be invited to Colpa Lodge in ~ Collpapampa (9,200 feet over sea level) v a classic Pachamama-style lunch.

In the afternoon and evening, relax in the out hot bath tub and gain dinner in ~ the lodge.

Day 5:

Collpapampa to Lucma Lodge Today’s hike starts after an early breakfast.

The trail heads down the lush Santa Teresa flow Valley, with plantations the coffee and also bananas (approximately 4 hours of long on moderate terrain). Protect against for a warm picnic lunch along the river.


After one more hour of hiking, plank the lodge vehicle for the 30-minute journey to Lucmabamba (6,900 feet over sea level).

After some time spent relaxing in ~ the lodge, you’ll visit the village and satisfy with members that the community. Go back to the lodge for dinner and time to enjoy the starry skies.

Day 6:

Lucmabamba come Aguas Calientes after a hearty breakfast, begin the final day the trekking with a 2 to three-hour uphill climb in the direction of Llactapata pass (8,900 feet above sea level; difficult trail).

Here, Machu Picchu have the right to be regarded in the distance.

Take time to check out the Llactapata ruins and have lunch, before beginning the final descent come the Aobamba River.

This moderate ar of the trail takes 2 to 3 hours, traversing bamboo forests and fruit orchards.


Near the river, plank the train for a 30-minute ride come the city of Aguas Calientes, at the foot the Machu Picchu. Tonight, you’ll overnight in ~ a comfortable hotel near the river.

Day 7:

Machu Picchu to Cusco Anticipation is high together you rise early on for breakfast and the 30-minute bus pilgrimage up the hill to Machu Picchu.

Your guided tour of the Inca city will certainly be complied with by up to 4 hours of live independence exploration.

During this time, you could hike Huayna Picchu, visit the temple of the Moon, or marvel in ~ the stunning scenery. In the afternoon, you’ll go back to Cusco by train, arriving approximately 8PM.

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LANDED arranges treks and equestrian adventures through hill Lodges the Peru. Extensions are easily accessible to the sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, and Peru’s Amazon Basin. Contact us today for more information. Speak v a travel planner this day at 801.582.2100. We’ll take care of the details.