Mumford & Sons changed the video game when lock burst ~ above the step in 2009. Their an initial album, Sigh No More, increased to the optimal of the charts in both the UK and also the US, and ushered in a fresh wave of modern folk rock the is still going strong, a te later.

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Since their inception, the London group has exit three an ext albums and scooped up six Grammy Nominations. They also performed with icons Bob Dylan and also The Avett Brothers ago in 2011.

If you a fan of the tight harmonies and also classic folk-rock sound, we have great news. There are plenty of other bands favor Mumford & Sons, and also we’ve compiled a perform here. (You can additionally check the end this list on Spotify.)

Bear’s Den has a many in typical with Mumford & Sons. Both bands hail indigenous London and also feature driving guitar melodies with individual roots. The group features Andreew Davie on lead vocals and guitar and Kevin Jones on backup vocals, drums, and also bass.

Bear’s Den make its first tour in 2016/2017, traveling with the united state in a Volkswagen Campervan together. This pilgrimage was heavily inspirational for them, and also even spawned a documentary, Austin to Boston.

The band has 4 studio albums, with their second album, Red planet & pouring Rain, getting to number 6 on the UK charts. Though the band deserve to be a bit much more toned down than some of Mumford & Sons an ext raucous tracks, castle still one of the ideal folk rock bands around.


Singapore-based band FIREFLY PARTY are a distinct duo. The husband-and-wife team blend their vocals with each other in tight, rocking harmonies that will most certainly remind you of Mumford & Sons.

This heartfelt track, I’m no Gonna lose You, functions strumming guitars, a dance-worthy beat, and delightfully sweet lyrics guarantee to have you singing along in no time. FIREFLY search PARTY’s latest song, Gonna Dance, come out in December the 2020, and we can not wait to check out what rather this pair has actually in store.

Courteous Thief

Something should be in the water in the UK, due to the fact that the region has churned the end a number of the finest bands like Mumford & Sons. This consists of Courteous Thief, a singer/songwriter from phibìc Wales that brings a beautiful blend of brand-new folk and acoustic indie pop.

Courteous Thief’s very first album, Symphony, made rather the splash in the UK, win the title of BBC Radio Wales solitary of The Week. And also Courteous thief didn’t prevent there, releasing two much more albums, including one released in July 2020.

Like Mumford & Sons, Courteous Thief features driving acoustic guitar set against soft however fast-paced lyrics that space straight native the soul.

Beta Radio

Take a minute to hear to the soothing, sometimes haunting music that Beta Radio, and also you’ll view why the band has already made a large impact. The two-man group, originally from phibìc Carolina, lug together an eclectic mix the instruments, consisting of the glockenspiel, harmonium, rhodes, and lots the banjo. The result is a genre that is both completely surprising and also reflective of the bluegrass and rock root of America’s south.

You might be wonder why girlfriend haven’t heard of this band, seeing that they’ve to be releasing music because 2010. However you may have actually heard lock without discovering it—the tape was featured on two episodes that the tv collection Hart the Dixie. They’ve additionally collaborated through some popular names in the music industry, consisting of members that The National and also Bon Iver.

Old Sea Brigade

Old Sea Brigade is the stage name for songwriter and producer Ben Cramer, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He come onto the step in 2015, when he exit his very first EP to lot fanfare. Adhering to this, he began a tour of the US and also Europe, obtaining a specialized following come his music, defined as indie people with “a feeling of Southern-gothic.”

Since then, Old Sea Brigade has released a variety of EPs, in addition to a studio album, Ode to a Friend. He’s also been featured on a number of television series, consisting of Gray’s Anatomy, This is Us, and A Million Things.

The singer’s sweet vocals, set against pared down guitar and also lilting, mellow tones, is the perfect addition to any Mumford & sons fan’s playlist.

Of Monsters and Men

In 2010, the Monsters and Men completed in an yearly music vain in your home nation of Iceland, and also took home top prize. Your star has actually been rising ever since. Their 2011 album My Head Is an Animal debuted at the optimal of the charts in Australia, Iceland, and Ireland. The solitary from that album, Little Talks, made it to the top spot on the US alternative Songs list.

Like Mumford & Sons, that Monsters and also Men is a quartet, with tranquil yet stirring melodies backed by guitar, bass, glockenspiel, tambourine, and also the occasional accordion. Their third album, Fever Dream, come out in 2019, and also the group released a new single in September the 2020. We hope that’s a authorize of much more to come.

Hudson Taylor

Brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor acquired their start busking on the highways in Dublin. The ireland pair, who just released their latest studio album in 2020, blend together Americana and Irish individual music, and as a result, sound something choose an Irish version Mumford & Sons.

Hudson Taylor’s career yes, really took turn off in 2018, once the pair toured Europe, often selling out the venues. Your 2020 album was produced by Ryan Hadlock, who’s also worked with various other folk-style greats like Vance Joy and also The Lumineers. After ~ its release, that climbed come the height of the ireland charts, and several of their well-known singles have actually seen countless streams top top Spotify.


If you’re looking for people music choose Mumford & Sons, yet perhaps a little bit brighter and an ext poppy, KAWALA might be the answer. This band, began by singers Jim Higson and also guitarist/singer Daniel McCarthy, obtained notoriety after ~ their relax of this single, Do It like You Do. Due to the fact that then, they’ve get an impression their tape to include another lead guitarist, as well as a bassist and drummer.

The team is still picking up steam, having appeared at number of UK-based festivals and also recently releasing their debut EP. If you favor Glass Animals, Bombay bike Club, and of course Mumford & Sons, there’s a great chance you’ll enjoy KAWALA as well.

Jake Isaac

Jake Isaac rounds the end our list of artists choose Mumford & Sons. The singer, born in southern London, is a multinstramentalist through a voice that’s both sweet and also gruff (not unequal the singers in Mumford & Sons). His music showcases his soul and also folk roots, through some popular music stylings the will have actually you singing follow me to his attractive tracks.

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Isaac’s first EP, Hearts & Parables, came out in 2012, and also by 2015 he’d gotten the attention of Elton John, that subsequently readily available him a deal with Rocket document Company. Isaac has actually gone on global tours and came out through a new EP in 2020, dubbed Things okay Tell you Tomorrow. He’ll do a great addition to her Mumford & Sons-inspired playlists.


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