1  n-count Your heart is the organ in your chest that pumps the blood about your body. People also use heart to refer to the area of their chest that is closest to their heart. The bullet had actually passed much less than an inch from Andrea"s heart...  

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2  n-count 
You have the right to refer to someone"s heart when you are talking about their deep feelings and also beliefs. LITERARY usu through poss Alik"s words filled her heart via pride...  
3  n-var 
You usage heart as soon as you are talking about someone"s character and perspective towards various other world, particularly as soon as they are type and also generous. usu adj N in sing  (approval) She loved his brilliance and also his generous heart...  
4  n-sing 
Theheart of somepoint is the many main and essential part of it. N of n (=crux) The heart of the difficulty is supply and demand...  
5  n-sing 
Theheartof a location is its centre. usu N of n ...a busy dentists" exercise in the heart of London"s West End.  
7  n-uncount-coll 
Hearts is among the 4 suits in a fill of playing cards. Each card in the suit is noted through one or even more red icons in the form of a heart.   A heart is a playing card of this suit., n-count 
8 If you feel or think something through all your heart, you feel or think it incredibly strongly. ♦with all one"s heart  phrase PHR after v, PHR through cl  (emphasis) My very own family members I loved with all my heart.  
9 If you say that someone is a specific type of perchild at heart, you intend that that is what they are really like, also though they might seem exceptionally various. ♦at heart  phrase PHR with cl He was a very gentle boy at heart.  
10 If you say that someone has actually your interests or your welfare at heart, you intend that they are pertained to about you and also that is why they are doing something. ♦at heart 
 phrase usu have actually n PHR 
11 If someone breaks your heart, they make you extremely sad and also unhappy, typically bereason they finish a love affair or close partnership with you. LITERARY ♦break sb"s heart  phrase V and also N inflect 
12 If something breaks your heart, it provides you feel very sad and also depressed, specifically because human being are experiencing yet you deserve to perform nothing to aid them. ♦break sb"s heart  phrase V and N inflect, oft PHR to-inf It really breaks my heart to see them this method.  
13 If you say that someone has actually a broken heart, you intend that they are extremely sad, for instance bereason a love affair has ended unhappily. LITERARY ♦broken heart 
 phrase N inflects She never before reextended from her broken heart.  
14 If you know somepoint such as a poem by heart, you have learned it so well that you have the right to remember it without having to check out it. ♦by heart 
 phrase PHR after v Mack knew this passage by heart.  
15 If someone has actually a readjust of heart, their attitude in the direction of something transforms. ♦adjust of heart 
 phrase change inflects Several brokers have actually had actually a change of heart around prospects for the agency...  
16 If somepoint such as a subject or job is close to your heart or close to to your heart, it is exceptionally crucial to you and also you are very interested in it and also involved around it. ♦cshed to one"s heart/close to to one"s heart 
 phrase N inflects, oft v-link PHR Animal welfare is a topic exceptionally cshed to my heart.  
17 If you deserve to carry out somepoint to your heart"s content, you have the right to perform it as a lot as you want. ♦to one"s heart"s content 
 phrase PHR after v I was delighted to have the ability to eat my favorite dishes to my heart"s content.  
18 You deserve to say `cross my heart" as soon as you want someone to think that you are telling the reality. You deserve to likewise ask `cross your heart?", once you are asking someone if they are really informing the truth. SPOKEN ♦cross one"s heart 
 convention And I will not tell any of the various other girls anything you tell me around it. I promise, cross my heart.  
19 If you say somepoint from the heart or from the bottom of your heart, you sincecount intend what you say. ♦from the heart/from the bottom of one"s heart 
 phrase PHR after v (=sincerely) He spoke via confidence, from the heart...  
20 If something gives you heart, it renders you feel even more confident or happy around somepoint. ♦provide sb heart 
 phrase V inflects It gave me heart to view one thug get what he deserves.  
21 If you want to carry out somepoint yet do not have actually the heartto perform it, you perform not do it bereason you know it will certainly make someone unhappy or disappointed. ♦not have the heart 
 phrase V inflects, usu PHR to-inf We knew all alengthy yet didn"t have the heart to tell her.  
22 If you believe or understand something in your heart of hearts, that is what you really think or think, even though it may occasionally seem that you perform not. ♦in your heart of hearts 
 phrase PHR after v, PHR via cl I know in my heart of hearts that I am the ideal guy for that mission.  
23 If your heart isn"t in the thing you are doing, you have actually incredibly little bit enthusiasm for it, typically because you are depressed or are reasoning about something else. ♦your heart is not in sth 
 phrase V and also N inflect, PHR n/-ing I tried to learn some lines but my heart wasn"t really in it.  
24 If you shed heart, you come to be sad and depressed and also are no much longer interested in something, especially bereason it is not progressing as you would choose. ♦shed heart 
 phrase V inflects He appealed to his countrymales not to shed heart.  
25 If your heart is in your mouth, you feel very excited, worried, or frightened. ♦heart is in your mouth 
 phrase V and also Ns inflect My heart remained in my mouth when I walked into her office.  
26 If you open your heart or pour out your heart to someone, you tell them your many exclusive thoughts and feelings. ♦open one"s heart to sb 
 phrase V and N inflect, usu PHR to n She opened her heart to millions yesterday and also told how she came close to self-destruction.  
27 If you say that someone"s heart is in the ideal area, you suppose that they are type, considerate, and also generous, although you might reject of various other elements of their character. ♦heart is in the appropriate place 
 phrase heart and also V inflect He is a little bit of a tearameans however his heart is in the best location.  
28 If you have actually set your heart on something, you want it exceptionally much or want to do it very a lot. ♦collection one"s heart on sth 
 phrase V and also N inflect, PHR n/-ing He had actually always set his heart on a career in the fine arts.  
29 If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you openly display your feelings or emotions quite than keeping them hidden. ♦wear one"s heart on one"s sleeve 
 phrase V and also N inflect 
30 If you put your heart and also soulinto something, you execute it with a good deal of enthusiasm and also power. ♦heart and soul  phrase  (emphasis) 
31 If you take heartfrom something, you are urged and made to feel optimistic by it. ♦take heart 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR from n 
32 If you take something to heart, for example someone"s behaviour, you are deeply affected and upset by it. ♦take sth to heart  phrase V inflects If someone claims something critical I take it to heart.  
bleeding heart 
  (bleeding hearts plural ), bleeding-heart If you define someone as a bleeding heart, you are criticizing them for being sympathetic in the direction of world that are negative and enduring, without doing anything helpful to aid.  n-count oft N n  (disapproval) I"m not a bleeding heart liberal.  
heart attack   (heart attacks plural )If someone has actually a heart assault, their heart begins to beat very irroutinely or stops entirely.  n-count He died of a heart assault brought on by overwork-related.  
heart failure 
 Heart faiattract is a severe medical problem in which someone"s heart does not occupational and also it must, sometimes preventing completely so that they die.  n-uncount 
heart-rending  , heartrending You usage heart-rending to describe something that causes you to feel excellent sadness and also pity.  adj usu ADJ n ...heart-rfinishing pictures of refugees...  
  (heart-throbs plural )If you describe a male as a heart-throb, you intend that he is physically exceptionally attrenergetic, so that many womales fall in love through him.  n-count 
heart-to-heart   (heart-to-hearts plural )A heart-to-heart is a conversation in between 2 civilization, specifically cshed friends, in which they talk openly about their feelings or personal problems.  n-count oft N n I"ve had a heart-to-heart via him...  
 Something that is heart-warming causes you to feel happy, normally because somepoint nice has actually occurred to civilization.  adj (=cheering) ...the heart-warming story of adversaries who uncover a mutual humanity.  
Purple Heart 
  (Purple Hearts plural )The Purple Heart is a medal that is offered to members of the US Armed Forces that have actually been wounded during fight.  n-count 

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