It feels monster talking about The tape CAMINO. The group’s surname is unconventional, like saying “The Fruit Orange” or “The Brand Nike,” and also in conversation, it’s basic to fumble roughly the concern of whether the Memphis-based different rockers would rather be referred to as simply “this band called CAMINO” or “this band dubbed The band CAMINO,” which just sounds redundant. In ~ the exact same time, it’s this title-related quirk that provides the group unforgettable from the get-go – they absolutely don’t have actually to complete with the dozens that indie/alternative acts the opted for ever-original surname containing words like coast, tide or, better yet, wild.

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In fact, The band CAMINO’s title hints at the sort of distinction that also permeates their sound, originally introduced in 2016 with debut EP My think on You. Extending plenty of region – native bouncy electropop through “2 /14” come the powerful, guitar-driven ballad absent of “The Black and also White” – the team proved their an imaginative capabilities to it is in anything but limited. Still, there was something slightly comfortable about the project; in its blind spots, My think on friend too carefully emulated the noises of other indie teams from Tennessee, prefer COIN or nest House. Coming from a place where southerly rock-inflected popular music bands space a dime a dozen, The band CAMINO still essential to take a step away from the type of musicality that had lugged their contemporaries success. They essential to exit the safety zone – and also quickly.

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Today, the quartet consist of of Jeffery Jordan (lead vocals/guitar) Spencer Stewart (guitar/vocals), Graham Rowell (bass) and also Andrew Isbell (percussion) has actually released “My think on You,” the 2nd single native its upcoming sophomore effort Heaven (slated for relax June 2 top top Dollar slice Records). And also contrary to its acquainted title, the monitor is far too innovative to have actually a place on the creator’s debut EP – instead, it to represent a new artistic page for The tape CAMINO, a promising one the hopefully foreshadows the cumulative sound that the forthcoming EP.

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In this world, a drum machine, synthesizers and also heavenly croons deserve to take a group of visionaries much – i m sorry is precisely why The tape CAMINO have actually so easily pulled off a dive into manicured pop bliss. Simultaneously, “My thoughts on You” is just as depressing together it is dreamy: “Since you melted me in ~ the stake, every one of my feelings went away /There’s no feel in my means /At the very least there’s no feelings in my way,” sings Jordan. Established fans will notice that this brand-new track appears to narrate a love formerly verbalized by Jordan prior to on tracks prefer “2 / 14,” but there’s miscellaneous dissimilar around the means it sounds this time – rawer and an ext pensive than on both My think on You and “Who states We’re Through,” the very first single native Heaven. And when sweetly laced with clean instrumentals, the forlorn attitude puts “My thoughts on You” at the forefront of song to beat after the climax of a bittersweet summer romance.

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