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Fuck it, right upVersace chain hunna thousand, do Channel chain look lousyI simply bought a Ferrari, and also you simply bought part Air Jordan'sThat's for all you bloggers, I'm fuckin' the bitches that you bloggin'Went Goyard retarded, and also my VVS is flawlessI'mma big nigga favor Wallace, truthfully friend ain't honestTalkin bout the numbers you profit, I obtain college money without collegeYou still very own student loan bitch, how you drive nice cars, no house bitchNow a job niggas just wanna people star shit, don't start no shit won't it is in no shit, bitchAlways continue to be with part molly, shout the end to molly mall50 thou at the crap table, I'm about to gambling it allI choose the pussy wet, and also I like her weave longI've to be on roadway so long, niggas think lock puttin' on but when I'm earlier homeDoneYo girl gained a cute faceHer friend gained a quite bodyAnd they just wanna have actually funThis my type of party20 bitches in the lobbyThere's lot of bitches in the lobbyAnd they every drinkin' lock smokin'This my kind of party
Back in this bitch early, taco Tuesday top top ThursdayDo it huge like I'm Percy, money talks, ya heard meI gained hoes in brand-new jersey, tastes prefer strawberry HersheyWe visited the mets game, ns wore my strawberry jerseyShe stated nah baby don't pains me, ass look prefer it could murk meSmokin', drinkin', and rappin', what friend doin' I'm workin'Her pussy wet, I'm surfin', she met a nigga in personDaiquiris, no virgin, racks ~ above me I'm splurgin'Labels think I'm urban, crap you and also your suburbanF-G-T-P, (what's that) Fuckin' girls Thats PersianWaste money top top purpose, chicken wings from Church'sI told she I'mma cheap date, she stated nah infant you to be worth itYo girl acquired a cute faceHer friend acquired a nice bodyFor actual she gained a nice bodyI think she's doin' that karate, Aye20 bitches in the lobbyThere's lot of bitches in the lobbyThey all drinkin' and also smokin'This my kind of partyParty (6x)This my form of party

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Turn UpBad chick gimme part of dat brain, trippy mane smokin' choose a runaway trainMaybach coupe and I left it plain jane, bought an additional Bentley and also I did the very same thangPimped out, topped out, ridin' round town wit a hollywood bitch bout to smoke a entirety poundGettin' higher than a muthafuckin space shuttle, and also I choose my sprite dirty favor a dirt puddleBring she to the crib, she can fuck the teamOn some adderall, and also a cup the leanAll this Louie I gained on, dope boy freshAnd mine weed for this reason loud i think ns goin' deafPenthouse suite, top top the peak floorTaylor gang ballin out, acquired the top scoreParty favor a rock star rollin increase good, and also you pussy niggas hatin' cause you great you couldYo girl got a cute faceHer friend acquired a nice bodyAnd they simply wanna have actually funThis my type of party20 bitches in the lobbyThere's lot of bitches in the lobbyAnd they all drinkin' they smokin'This my type of party