Has anyone here had experience hacking games so they can be played 100% from the HD without inserting a CD/DVD ?Some of the older games like Myst/Riven, and some programs like Street Atlas had configuration files that you could change in an ordinary text editor, so that instead of looking for the CD drive, the program would look for the directory you had the game in. Assuming you copied all the data from the CD"s into this directory, the program would run. Better performance, no CD"s to insert, etc.Trouble is that the newer stuff isn"t as straighforward- no obvious config files although I have heard of people using ISO images on the HD to fool the program into running. Can"t find the details, though.

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Yes all the time and it is very simple. You simply need what is called a NoCD patch. I recommend looking at: GameCopyWorldThese files usually replace the existing executable. Simply rename the main executable (example supermario.exe to supermarion.exe.bak) and then copy the NoCD cracked executable (usually named identical to the original exe) to the same folder. When you then go to run the game you will launch this cracked exe and it will not look for the CD to run the game. This also improves load times.Don"t waste your time with ISO images or any software to make a virtual CD.
Thanks! Interesting site, but so far, I haven"t got one of their patches to work..Either does nothing, or comes up in German (even tho I select "English")At least, now I know what Abrechen! means...
First make sure you apply the v1.22 Patch then apply the Myst 3 v1.22 No-CD/Fixed EXE from gamecopyworld. In this case leave the existing executable alone and this NoCD will patch it. That is unless you have the 10th Anniversary DVD? If you run into any trouble uninstall Myst, reinstall it and try it again.

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Thanks- I"ll give it another go tonite if I have time;I think what I"m hearing is that the no/cd patch can interfere with the executable?My version of the game had already been patched with the "official" upgrade; still, I redid the patch and then ran the no/cd patch from gamespot. Game runs but Still asks for the CD... (I don"t have the DVD version)
Usually the NoCD replaces the executable, sometimes it patches it, another file or a registry setting to make the computer think that CD is in the drive. My point was I stated the most common method of replacing the executable when I first responded and I just wanted to make it clear that for this one the procedure is different. In general just follow the instructions:
* Install the game - Full Installation (3 CD"s - 2 GB).* Apply the official Myst 3: Exile v1.22 Patch.* Extract the MYST III - EXILE V1.22 CD FIX.EXE Patch from the File Archive to the game directory.* Execute the Patch to remove the CD-Check from: \BIN\M3.EXE* Play the Game!
I would try a clean install and make sure you select Full Installation and then follow the rest of the instructions to the letter. This game for instance has SafeDisc protection that needs to be removed by this patch.