Your order might be in a pair of places... Our warehouse, awaiting dispatch, with the courier on its way, or delivered. The first thing to check is have actually you had actually your dispatch email? If yes, climate it"s on its way. You can track your order in ~ the peak of this page using your order number from the email. If friend haven"t acquired your dispatch email (don"t forget to examine those junk folders) then her order is wait to leave us. When you have the dispatch email you deserve to track it you yourself via the attach in the email or by making use of the track my order ar at the optimal of this page.

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If you don’t have your order number, log right into your account and then walk to "Order History".

Why is my order late?

Please twin check the shipping alternative you selected, reduced off times for ordering and the date which we claimed it will be transport by. Girlfriend can examine delivery timescales here.

If it"s after 9pm ~ above that day then the late. If it"s before the advised shipping date and you"ve had your dispatch email, then it’s on its way.

Your shipping date has to have passed for united state to have the ability to investigate wherein your bespeak is.If your shipping day has passed, please call us through going come the "Contact Us" tab ~ above this page and also have her order number ready.

Standard Shipping

If your USPS tracking is showing that there has been one unsuccessful shipment attempt then you will must either reschedule her delivery, or arrange to collect your parcel indigenous your local USPS article office. For part areas, you can reschedule your distribution online here.

If this no available, in your area climate you’ll need to get in touch with your local post office. Friend can uncover the details of her local post office here.

You’ll have 15 days native the date of the very first delivery effort to one of two people reschedule your delivery or collection your parcel before your thoreau is returned ago to us.

Express Shipping

If her parcel to be shipped via DHL on one express delivery service and you space not available to take in your parcel, castle will shot again ~ above the following organization day. DHL likewise leave friend a card advising the this, where you will also find some instructions on just how you deserve to re-arrange or re-direct your delivery, or instruct the courier to leave your parcel through a neighbour.

With DHL, you’ll have 10 company days native the day of your original distribution attempt to re-direct your parcel or administer further shipment instructions.

Why to be my stimulate cancelled?

If you"ve inserted an order and also received a cancellation email from us, we"re sorry about that. This will generally be due to the fact that the share wasn"t in the warehouse when we come to process your order. Girlfriend will obtain a cancellation email and a refund via the initial payment an approach used. The refund might take up to 7 days, this is the banking procedure and no something we deserve to speed up.

Can i cancel or change my order?

As soon as you location your order, we’re on the – we know you need it fast! regrettably this method we will certainly be can not to make any kind of changes as it’s already being handle at the warehouse (literally in ~ seconds). You’ll have to place one more order or return any kind of unwanted items.

I received a faulty item, what perform I do?

We’re yes, really sorry come hear that you’ve received things that’s not in perfect condition. So that us can get this solved for you you re welcome go come our "Contact Us" tab, to assist us acquire this addressed for you ASAP. As soon as you an initial contact us please incorporate the following information;

Your Name, stimulate Number, Product Name and also Code, picture of the fault and also a description of the fault.

The product name and also code have the right to be discovered on her order confirmation email.

If you call us via the "Contact Us" tab you re welcome have an image of the faulty item all set for as soon as you obtain a reply together you won’t be maybe to attach the image on the kind just yet.

FAST, TRACKABLE & expense EFFECTIVE utilizing the returns portal.

We"re bummed points didn"t work-related out for you, yet here"s the great news: You"ve obtained 45 days come send something earlier to united state from the work you get it. Just click the link here and also follow the actions below.

When return a parcel please follow the process below. Girlfriend can find out the postage price in the portal or you will be asked come download a returns label and pay for postage at your local write-up office. Please usage a trackable service and keep your proof the postage receipt till after your refund is processed.

1. Repack your items.

2. Login to our returns portal. Friend will need your bespeak number and email/last 4 number of your phone number.

3. Select your wanted return alternative (Print returns brand at residence or in store options).

4. As soon as you have actually processed your return in the portal you"re ready to short article it off! Make certain you save proof of postage!

5. Keep an eye on your return tracking. You"ll get an email once we get your returned item.

Good come know... We"ve gone paperless! You"ll no longer receive a shipment note in her parcel.

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For hygiene reasons, we cannot market refunds ~ above fashion confront masks, cosmetics, pierced jewellery, swimwear or lingerie, if the seal has been damaged or is no longer in place. Items need to be unworn and also unwashed with the initial labels attached.