Nathan Fielder is a business advisor who implements methods that no timeless consultant would dare attempt. Even if it is it"s producing a coffee shop referred to as Dumb Starbucks or inventing poo-flavored yogurt, no idea is also daring.

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Self-proclaimed marketing skilled Nathan Fielder gives real businesses the strangest bang for their buck, whether it's putting a petting zoo top top the map v his Internet-winning "Hero Pig" stunt or conspiring with an illegal mall Santa.


1. Yogurt Shop/Pizzeria

Nathan introduce a controversial frozen yogurt flavor and also hatches a plan for ei... More


2. Santa/Petting Zoo

Nathan stages a viral video clip to placed a petting zoo ~ above the map and also sets up a "Santa... More


3. Clothes Store/Restaurant

Nathan encourages a clothes store to enable shoplifting and turns a restaurant i... More


4. Gas Station/Caricature Artist

Nathan imagine the world's biggest rebate to aid an elevation gas terminal an... More


5. Haunted House/The Hunk

Nathan make the efforts to gain a haunted house deemed "too scary" and also overcomes his are afraid of... More

6. Funeral Home/ burgess Joint/ Skydiving

Nathan diversifies solutions at a struggling funeral home, puts a burger share to... More

7. The nippers of Shame

Nathan performs a daring escape in i beg your pardon he dangers a fate that is important worse tha... More

8. Exclusive Investigator/Taxi Company

Nathan difficulties a exclusive investigator to monitor him for a day and devises a wa... More

Nathan convinces a mechanic to verify his estimates with a polygraph test, and rebrands a realtor to sell only ghost-free homes.
Nathan sets up a fake movie shoot in an effort to rise sales at a Hollywood souvenir shop, but his arrangement gets facility when he discovers that he may have actually committed fraud.
Nathan places a controversial ad in a pet cemetery, takes tips from a focus group in order come become an ext likeable and devises a technique to clean a house in 6 minutes flat.
Nathan comes up v a way to offer alcohol come minors, help an exterminator land a hotel contract and also uses bird to attract customers come a automobile wash.
Nathan makes use the parody regulation to open up up a coffee shop virtually identical come Starbucks in that is branding and appearance.
Nathan invents a device to defend women on very first dates, proposes a radical new weight-loss program and also helps a party planner reduce "guest list" tension for she clients.
Nathan come up through a means to gain a failing taxi agency some much-needed press and implements a risky new line-cutting policy at a warm dog stand.
Nathan sectors an unappealing children's toy, devises a means to shame human being who share your movie snacks and also pitches a reality present starring Simon the security guard.
Nathan tries to leverage ideal Buy's price-matching policy by proclaiming a deal on TVs that's too an excellent to it is in true.

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Nathan makes horseback riding more accessible, develops a heat of socially aware outerwear and also creates a place for males to chill the end while your girlfriends shop.