I met a man of two feet tallThis man was fairly ambitious In a human being that is for this reason vicious to us all ns said, "Hi," together he replied He said, "Listen to these words that I have actually lived by my whole life"You"re just as tall as your love will...

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On The Brightside, is a tune that reflects how people feel about themselves and how rather feel about them. It likewise demonstrates exactly how words deserve to influence their feelings. Because that example, in stanza 1, they start by describing how world see the an initial man together poor. Climate they walk on to define how the male feels about himself in stanza 2. He is a man who wants to attain many objectives in life, even though the human being is “vicious”. The first man the speaker meets does not care about what rather think around him. The guy than says to the speaker, “listen to this words that I have actually lived by my entirety life”, in stanza 6.In stanzas 7-14, the male tells the speaker that you make yourself, no one makes you. He describes to the speaker to no look in ~ the an adverse things in life, yet to look at it in one more perspective, a positive one. The man is stating that even though that is poor, that still can accomplish something. He have the right to still carry out something v his life and he is happy.In stanzas 15-19, the speak meets the second man, a guy who watch himself together wealthy. This is just how others check out him together well. The 2nd man walks approximately as if that has many friends, however in reality, the human being does not find interest in him. He then goes on to say in stanza 19, “Listen to this words that I have dreaded my whole life."Stanzas 20-27 are similar to stanzas 7-14. The guy tells the speaker the you make yourself, no one renders you. He defines to the speaker to no look at the negative things in life, yet to look at it in another perspective, a optimistic one. The difference between the first man and the 2nd man is the the second man feels that he is see life in a positive perspective, yet he is unhappy. He dreads these words because even though he is applying them come his life, that does not seem to adjust the circumstances.In stanzas 28-34, the speaker starts by speak of how people see him. Others view him as an mean man, simply as he sees himself. Climate he states in stanzas 29-31, “Just in search of some answers in a world that answer none in ~ all.” This refers to the truth that not everyone knows all things, that no one human is perfect. In stanzas 33-34, the speaker speak the audience, or the reader, that he does no stress around how others feel around him. That does not should please anyone yet himself. That states, “Because I uncovered some piece of mind”, meaning that he believes that he is perfect, simply the means he is. The has discovered some “peace” with who that is.In the end of the song, stanzas 35-42, the speaker reminds united state of the words the he was taught by both men. The reminds united state of these words come teach a class that must be used to our lives.

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This song impacts the feel of those that listen or check out it because it shows just how others feel, no only around themselves but also around other people. It likewise demonstrates how each human is affected personally.