Could the faster bed in the West it is in making a comeback to the coveted Chevy lineup?

The rumor mill states yes, however there is no confirmation just yet.

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For anyone that cruised the open up roads in the original El Camino when blaring low Rider with the t-tops, the idea that this auto making a comeback is madness exciting. GM has been toying v the idea of re-introducing a new El Camino to showrooms across the nation. However, there isn’t enough leaked details to prove this theory.

If GM provides production the environment-friendly light because that a new El Camino, this version would most most likely be based off the Camaro body structure with a big, hard engine.

Here’s a look in ~ the rumors the Chevy’s re-emerging El Camino.

A Blast native the Past

Chevy and also Ford have quite the painted past of rivalry.

Both want to it is in the confront of the American car. Both want the toughest trucks. Both wanted the fastest cars.

The idea the a automobile equipped through a truckbed in the so late 50’s had some quality potential for vehicle buyers. So, the no surprised that the style of the El Camino was born from a friendly rivalry v the Ford Ranchero.

Here’s exactly how the idea of the Chevy El Camino may be revived.

Sleek Body

If this old automobile gets a new run in the 21st century, you have the right to guarantee it will have actually a architecture that marries sentimentality through sleek design.

Simply being called the Camino SS, the frame has been claimed to be based off the Camaro SS human body style. Sleek lines, put in order contours, and a slick collection of wheels will certainly inevitably round the end the design.

Since there is no existing prototype, there space a number of internet mock-ups that this mysterious re-boot of a classic car. Part think the potential remake would resemble the Chevy Montana the is a large success in Latin America.

Others, though, are convinced the new El Camino will certainly be a muscle automobile remake that the original.

Tough Engine

GM can’t bring ago a family sedan version of the El Camino. That’s no the ideal demographic.

This auto witnessed that is glory days throughout the so late ’60s when it acquired a much-needed overhaul. Through an exceptional 450 horsepower, the ’68 El Camino definitely came to be a muscle-car contender.

A brand-new version the the Camaro-truck hybrid would probably hold an impressive engine to pay homage to the ’68 model. The 2020 Camino SS is rumored to incorporate a 500 to 550 horsepower engine with a 3.5 second 0-60 time.

Although the 550 horsepower would certainly be a bit shy that the Camaro’s max 650 speech capability, the Camino SS would certainly still it is in a little too much automobile for the median family. Any new El Camino build-out would certainly rival its ideal ’60’s or ’70’s predecessor to drive sales.

Loads of Upgrades

Innovation wouldn’t be shed on the brand-new Camino SS.

As with any Chevy vehicle, tons of upgrades and impressive an innovation would it is in standard. Based upon the Camaro SS, a potential Camino SS interior would offer heated animal leather seats, strength controls, boil steering wheel, and a big touch display screen entertainment package.

Furthermore, the new 2020 Camino SS would likely encompass the Magnetic Ride control feature, practice Launch Control, a 10-speed paddle-shift transmission, and also a potential accessibility of the power Data Recorder (PDR).

And, the course, the alternative for XM radio subscription and also OnStar would certainly be standard obtainable options come round the end the perfect Camino SS prototype.

One of Chevy’s newest viewpoints to driver safety and security is the teen Driver technology option. If the Camino SS becomes a hit v the younger generation the drivers, this can be a heat welcome because that parent vehicle buyers. A 550 horsepower engine is a most pick-up-and-go because that a young driver. Allowing parents to regulate speed via Chevy MyLink will certainly be one awesome alternative on a potential 2020 Camino SS.

What go the net Say?

Many automobile aficionados space speculating about the rumors including a new El Camino in 2020.

However, also though there room a variety of 2020 Camino SS fanmade mock-ups and also prototype models accessible online, there is no shown decision to actually construct the above car. Many believe the car rebuild is a complete hoax.

Since 2012, websites and also blogs have been musing about the rejuvenation of the Chevy El Camino. Allegedly there should have actually been a model built in 2014, another one in 2016, and now there space all kinds of information swirling about a 2020 version build.

With all of these speculations and also rumors, though, sales the 1964-1967 El Caminos have been steadily rising. Lover of the original El Camino have been buying the classic auto for upwards of $20,000.

There appears to be one, solid sample – the El Camino is make a comeback and also people desire to see a brand-new model in 2020.

The brand-new El Camino – fact or Fiction?

The El Camino had actually a wavering very nice to car buyers native the so late 50’s to the mid-’70s.

It no a auto with a notable wow factor, and also sales decreased so lot that the car was no much longer manufactured. Flash-forward to the 21st century, and there appears to be perpetual rumors about the re-emergence the this fledgling classic.

The El Camino has end up being the car industry’s variation of Bigfoot. Nobody knows if the rumors room real. There space dozens of net prototype renditions, drawings, and models, but there is no sound proof of its feasible existence in the brand-new car lineup because that 2020.

For now, the best means to keep track the this mythical rebuild the a classic vehicle is to remain up-to-date with your regional Chevy dealer. One day, perhaps the sightings will be real. Probably a brand-new model of the Camino SS will drive freely on the open road.

Until then, take a watch at all of the various other 2020 Chevy vehicles, favor the mid-engine Corvette, hitting the showroom in a couple of short months.

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