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indigenous left to right: Xavier Woods, large E, and also Kofi Kingston.


The new Day is a tag team comprised of the expert wrestlers huge E, Xavier Woods, and also Kofi Kingston. Created in 2014, castle are ideal known for their memetic promos (talk segments), internet references and bizarre antics in the world of WWE. The new Day have amassed a strong following digital in wrestling fandom and through their social media activities. As of 13th December 2016, lock are also officially the longest-reigning WWE sign Team Champions, overcome the previous document holders Demolition"s power of 478 days, and also Kingston is the longest reigning WWE tag Team Champion indigenous all linked reigns, including his vault teams.

Online History

All 3 members that the team space gamers, as are several various other WWE wrestlers, and Woods in particular runs a let’s Play gaming YouTube channel referred to as UpUpDownDown,<1> the name of which is a recommendation to the Konami Code. The channel, founded on 18th in march 2015, has over 600,000 subscribers together of 21st July 2016. Woods often tends to run under the moniker Austin Creed fairly than his ring name on the channel, yet other wrestlers will show up under their ring names, so many of its contents is in a strange limbo as to whether it is “canon” come WWE. The channel is sometimes referenced on-air throughout WWE broadcasts.

An instance of Xavier involving other wrestlers in his YouTube videos.

All three members deserve to be found on Twitter: Woods in ~
XavierWoodsPhD,<2> wherein he explains himself together ”Senpai” and “Mario kart savant and real life bard”, energetic since might 2009 v 355,000 followers; large E at





The new Day were originally received an extremely poorly for being what fans perceived as required characters,<5> playing on the gimmick the a “black gospel” stereotype. However, in April 2015, they turned right into heels, or knavish characters, and also started play their personalities much more closely to their actual selves. They incorporated solid elements that nerd society and internet culture, and also these traits resulted in their unpopularity to turning back itself and also skyrocket over the latter half of 2015 and also throughout 2016, which led to their turning back into faces (good guys), basically by default. Together of mid-2016 they are still one of the many “over” (popular v the crowd) acts on the current WWE roster and also are partly credited, along with other popular energetic teams, with the resurgence in popular of tag team wrestling through WWE fans.

The stable is taken into consideration to serve as a good example that what happens once the creative department permits wrestlers to lug fresh concepts to the table, and also of a "hatedom" managing to completely reverse itself into a fandom. In ~ the finish of 2015, wrestling reviewer Dave Meltzer offered the team the year “Best Gimmick” award.<6>


The new Day space the constant subject of pan art, i beg your pardon will frequently stylise lock in a cartoony or even anime-like fashion, because of their vital status as fellow nerds.


For artist names and also their sources, you re welcome click the images to check out their pages in the photo gallery.

Related Memes

Francesca and Francesca II

Francesca was the surname of Woods" trombone and also the brand-new Day"s official 4th member, follow to her eulogy by huge E.<7> He lugged her to ringside while supporting Kingston and large E and also would typically play follow me to the group"s entrance music, making use of Francesca to start the "New work Rocks" chant, and also incorporating quick instrumentals right into some the the move performed by his partners. Woods has also gone as far regarding play the final Fantasy "Victory Fanfare" as have the right to be viewed in a YouTube compilation video clip below:

A YouTube user compiled a selection of "best moments" featuring Xavier and also Francesca.

Francesca was destroyed by chris Jericho ~ above 11th January 2016 illustration of Raw. Later, Woods debuted a second trombone called "Francesca II" in honour of the collapse Francesca. Francesca II to be revealed to have been cheating top top Woods with an additional WWE wrestler, Enzo Amore, on the 13th June 2016 Raw. However, Woods has ongoing to lug Francesca II v him to the ring, arguing that all is forgiven.

"Don"t You dare Be Sour"

Don"t you challenge be sour is a catchphrase the forms part of the new Day"s entrance routine. Every time the new Day are around to go into the ring, large E is backstage v a microphone. He will resolve either the crowd or his opponents, adhered to by this catchphrase prior to the entrance music starts. "Don"t you dare be sour" is now occasionally used in virtual wrestling discussions to poke fun at someone who is taken into consideration to be salty.


Booty is a ax for things that aren"t cool. In short, serious enemies who hate fun and also have no time for the brand-new Day"s hijinx can be taken into consideration "booty". Many of the brand-new Day"s opponents have been referred to by the team together booty.

At Wrestlemania 32, the new Day go a distinct entrance in which castle hid within a giant box the "Booty-O"s Cereal", just to arise dressed as characters from fight anime collection Dragon ball Z. The enntrance gate was widely circulated virtual in the type of gifs and also screen captures. So popular was the Booty-O"s entrance the it was turned into official merchandise. A Booty-O"s cereal box can be purchased native WWE"s online store, however, it includes a brand-new Day-themed T-shirt rather than cereal.<8> ~ above 21st July 2016, fye.com announced that they would offer an really cereal based on the new Day"s Booty-O"s, serving as an example of deficitionalised merchandise.<9>

The brand-new Day show why they are the dankest memesters in every one of sports entertainment.

References to other Memes & Subcultures

In addition to love gaming, popular anime, and also things from the 90s, Woods is additionally a brony and as such, the brand-new Day combine colourful unicorns right into their ring attire. They also frequently don glowing "unicorn horns" i beg your pardon members that the group were at some point able to acquisition as goods and also wear.

While a singles wrestler in NXT, WWE"s developmental brand, Woods wore tights that were emblazoned with the memetic declare "Over 9000".

In a promo in 2016, big E made referral to "putting respeck on the name" that the new Day, and in one more promo that exact same year, Xavier made recommendation to sliding into the DMs of Beyoncé Knowles.

On the 18th July 2016 edition of Raw, Woods made reference to Pokémon GO and proclaimed his allegiance come the game"s Team Valor come an amusingly boil reaction indigenous the crowd.

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<10> civilization online jokingly asserted that this comprised a heel turn for Woods.