Our favorites native Ikea’s 2017 catalog, due out on august 8, native $30 tray tables to a kitchen that costs $120 (to it is in filed under: only at Ikea).

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Above: The brand-new modular Elvarli closet system has actually a slim profile and can it is in used as out-in-the-open warehouse or installed in an currently closet space.


Above: The deep stainless steel Norrsjon Sink is $260.48.


Above: A trio of Svertan Decorative bottles atop the Svertan Tray Table, draft by martin Bergstrom for Ikea (available in September).


Above: The solid birch Knotten Standing workdesk is $149.


Above: The Enighet candlestick is $12.99.


Above: The Gladom Tray Table come in eco-friendly or irradiate yellow and also is $29.99.


Above: The Sunnersta Mini-Kitchen, designed by Henrik Preutz, is $120 and will certainly be obtainable later this year; the Sunnersta utility Cart is $29.99.

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Product an overview Item 7 131Item 8 132

Elvarli shelf unit 133

Elvarli Shelf Unit

$170.00 USD native Ikea
Norrsjon ss 1 key inset sink 135

Norrsjön SS 1 key Inset Sink

$260.48 USD from Ikea
Knotten standing workdesk 137
Marianne Hagberg

Knotten stand Desk

$149.00 USD native Ikea
Enighet 3 candle candlestick 139
Candles & Holders

Enighet 3 Candle Candlestick

$12.99 USD from Ikea
Gladom tray table 141
Chenyi Ke

Gladom Tray Table

$29.99 USD from Ikea
Sunnersta energy cart 143
Henrik Preutz

Sunnersta utility Cart

$29.99 USD native Ikea

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