The word for moon in Japanese is 月つき. Over there are other Japanese words for the moon when you are talking about particular states the the moon. Such together a full moon, crescent moon, and also so on. Let’s take a look.

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満月 – full Moon

First, we have actually 満月まんげつ which means a complete moon. This word has the Kanji, 満 in that which is provided in the Japanese verb, 満ちる which also means to be full.

今夜こんやは満月だTonight is a complete moon

三日月 – Crescent Moon

Next, a crescent moon in Japanese is called a 三日月みかづき . This translates literally come the third-day moon.

新月 – new Moon

新月しんげつ is the Japanese word for a new moon.

夕ゆうべは新月だったLast night to be a brand-new moon

Talking about the Months v Moons

These room not yes, really Japanese words for the moon but in Japanese, the month are represented by the 月 Kanji pronounced gatsu. To number out the surname of a month girlfriend just include the number prior to 月. So, if you have the right to count in Japanese you also know the months. Because that example, March would certainly be 三月さんがつ.

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