Looking for some calorie-free treats to to fill that lengthy stretch in between the sugar high of Halloween and also the food coma that Thanksgiving? Prime video can fill your plate. A brand-new series certification Julia Roberts top the perform of new offerings in November.

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Homecoming is a mind-bending psychological thriller from director Sam Esmail (creator the Mr. Robot) and starring Julia Roberts. (TV-14)Watch now


Think Tom Clancy"s Jack Ryan turned inside out and also upside down. The prime Original series is a dark comedy about a spy who has actually gone undercover together an industrial pipe salesman. Michael Dorman stars together the put-upon operative. Terry O"Quinn is his father and has provided him a brand-new mission to assassinate a country"s presidential candidate. (TV-MA)Watch now


A team of college mathematics whizzes top to ras Vegas to placed their brains to work at the blackjack tables. Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth command the group of card-counters hoping to amass a fortune before casino security catches on. (PG-13)Watch now


The affair in between Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and also journalist Virginia Vallejo was passionate, turbulent — and ultimately led to his downfall. Real-life couple Javier Bardem and also Penélope Cruz beat the lovers, in a story based on Vallejo"s memoir. (R)Watch now


The totality family will gain this story of one 11-year-old boy v a disfiguring medical condition who enters college for the very first time. Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts play the parents in the adaption the the bestselling novel. Variety called that "a really tasteful heart-tugger." (PG)Watch now

Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig stars together a couple who learn they have the right to live like rich human being — if castle let us be shrunk to 5 inch tall. Alexander Payne wrote and also directed this social satire, which supplies both belly laughs and thought-provoking commentary on contemporary society. (R)Watch now

In this new Prime original series, Dragon understand Po returns, and also this time the food-loving, wise-cracking panda must help four youngsters unlock their Kung Fu an abilities to safeguard their chi from an ancient evil.Watch now

The eye-popping stunts carry out by driver Ken Block in his Gymkhana videos have end up being an net sensation. Gymkhana is a sport that asks vehicle drivers to maneuver cars approximately obstacles in ~ high speed, but Block has actually elevated it to an art form. This element Original series takes united state behind the scenes as Block and also his team of Hoonigans attempt to make the best automotive video clip of all time. (TV-MA)Watch now

Set numerous years in the future, The Expanse combines science fiction through tense political drama. Human beings have conquered the solar system, but tensions have actually risen in between Earth and also the colonies. The Expanse has actually been compared favorably come Battlestar Galactica. (TV-14)Watch now

This quintessential Christmas movie stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, a guy who feels his life has been meaningless. A bumbling point of view arrives from heaven to display George just exactly how wrong he is. (PG)Watch now

Michael Hewitt, the former television doubter for the Orange ar (Calif.) Register, is a lifelong movie buff and also TV addict. He resides in southern California and is functioning on his first novel.

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