a new pair of shoes / trousers / scissorsa pair that new shoes / pants / scissorsI can’t find which among those 2 it need to be, and I’ve checked out some debate around it.

“A new pair of shoes”: can it suggest that the shoes previously were component of a various pair?

But top top the other hand, if that a pair that shoes, why would one need to state that both pair of shoes are brand-new when speak a pair of brand-new shoes?

Which is correct, or no it matter?



Both room found, however a new pair of . . .

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is 4 times as regular as a pair of brand-new . . . in the corpus of contemporary American katifund.org and over five times as frequent in the British national Corpus.


the looks favor there's some local variation here. I'm fairly sure the a brand-new Zealander would never say "a pair of brand-new pants" or "a pair of new scissors". Possibly "a pair of new shoes", however this would certainly be unusual. Because that me, all 3 would have to be "a new pair the ..." every time. I would be interested in learning if there space dialects that have actually the opposite tendency.
The terms pair the scissors and also pair the pants both refer to single objects that are, in normal use, never separated into the contents that do them nominally a pair. When these terms room modified, they are modified as a totality — efficiently a new pair-of-pants or new pair-of-scissors.

Shoes exist singly and also in bag (though rarely supplied individually). Did you check out my various other shoe? (But not, Did you check out my other ∗scissor?) as such, the pair that shoes expression is not locked as one.

I totally agree with other answers that new pair that shoes is much more common 보다 pair of new shoes. However, the last is logical and correct, also though that is more than likely not the wanted form.

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In british katifund.org ns am pretty certain that both usages would certainly be correct yet with different meanings.

A brand-new pair of scissors means that the pair is new, but not necessarily the scissors. Because that example, having actually tried to cut something and failed I could "try with a new pair that scissors". The scissors might be old.

By contrast a "pair of brand-new scissors" implies the scissors are brand-new (say recently bought at the shop).


A far better example (than scissors) would certainly be the two instance contexts:

"I spilled coffee on mine leg, so I placed on a new pair that trousers."

"I want to impress on my an initial day in the office, therefore I put on a pair of brand-new trousers"

In the very first example, the pair is new, in the feeling that it isn"t the pair (the "old pair") ns was wearing when I spilled my coffee. But it is the pair the is new, the trousers could be old. In the 2nd sense, that is the trousers that room new.

"Trousers" = "pants" in American katifund.org.

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One thing that"s fascinating about this question is the adjust over time in the intake of the phrases "new pair the shoes", "pair of new shoes", "old pair of shoes", "pair the old shoes". Take into consideration the following ngram from Google:


Two observations: First, that "fronted new" takes off in the 20th century, once hitherto the position of brand-new seemed to it is in of no importance. Might that reflect the affect of proclaiming copy ("new and improved" is always at the front) and/or the rising belief of conspicuous consumption? The second interesting thing is the increase of fronted brand-new through the great Depression through a peak during WWII. Certainly, the newness the a pair of shoes during that duration of financial hardship may have been especially notable, and so "new" can for that reason have been placed much more often in ~ the front.

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