I"m at this time in Primm & I have a man amount of gear from the escape convicts. I must head to the NCRCF come look because that a sheriff and finish My type of Town, and also I want to wait until after that to sell all this ingredient to Nash.The trouble is, I have to offload prior to making the trip, and I need some ar that will certainly be safe and also still have actually my item AFTER ns return. Any principles are very, really welcome. Thanks!

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"Safes" stay empty after gift looted for the rest of the game, providing the appearance to be safe storage containers for personal loot.  meaning they don"t "respawn" which is what provides a container "unsafe" for an individual items.    (Assume any container respawns uneven you recognize differently.  only those in one "unowned" building are potentially safe.  If the has any items v the "stealing" warning, it"s owned.  an entire cell, such together a "store" interior, have the right to be "owned" and treated as a "container".)  note there is a known an insect if you save too plenty of items in ~ a for sure and try to "Take All" items, there deserve to be issues with the game freezing.  Take smaller sized lots instead.

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There space multiple safes in the cashier"s cage of the "Vicki and also Vance Casino".  keep in mind the changes in occupants after various stages the progression.  CAUTION: I"ve never ever tried to usage such safes because that this purpose.  This information is from "The Vault" wiki pages.


The Nash residence has a "Mojave to express dropbox".  note you need to have activated an additional "destination" dropbox (e.g.

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The one in Goodsprings) to use it, however items in the location box room safe until you choose them up.  This is what I supplied until I determined "to heck v this running back and forth" and included the "Virtual storage System" mod.  (There are various other alternatives.)


Edit: over there is also the current mod "Cache Pack", i m sorry is "a backpack that works as a deployable inventory. <...> True to its name, Cache packs can likewise be dropped off and also left in other places for later on use."  (Interior cells don"t usually "reset".  Exteriors will after the "respawn interval"; default = 3 days.)  Haven"t tested this for this reason no idea exactly how well it works.