A while ago my trusty LG Nexus 5 began to develop problems. The power switch got stuck and also caused the Nexus 5 to revolve on and off through itself. Ultimately it gained stuck in a bootloop and would no power up no longer altogether.

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The power button issue is typical with this phone, but luckily that is possible to solve the problem. In this write-up I will describe how to fix the power switch of your Nexus 5.

Before mirroring you exactly how to deal with your Nexus 5 strength button, ns will an initial answer some frequently asked questions:

What reasons the power button on the Nexus 5 come break?

Simply put, the power switch on the Nexus 5 breaks due to the fact that it is just rated because that a certain variety of presses. This number is fairly low, and also thus ~ a couple of year of use, the switch stops working properly. LG might have prevent this by using a slightly an ext expensive button, yet they didn’t.

The power button on the Nexus 5 is the most common failure point, and if friend look approximately online girlfriend will have the ability to find many civilization with the very same problem.

How have the right to you phone call if the Nexus 5’s difficulties are brought about by the strength button?

The power button on the Nexus 5 will almost always fail in a closed state. This means that once the power switch breaks, it acts prefer it is pressed all the time. You deserve to test the button’s contacts through a multimeter (see the step-by-step overview down below) to confirm that the switch is the problem.

That said, once the Nexus 5 randomly restarts or gets stuck in a boot loop, that is normally the power button that is resulting in it. Especially if the phone is acquiring old (which they all room by now), and also you can not use made any kind of recent alters to the software (such together rooting the phone) that could cause the boot loop.

The bootloop display screen that mine phone would get stuck at.

How have the right to you deal with the Nexus 5 strength button?

In stimulate to appropriately repair the power switch on the Nexus 5, you will have to remove it and solder a brand-new replacement button in place. Friend can find some other fixes virtual (e.g. Tapping the switch hard because that a while), but these fixes are just temporary (provided they work-related at all).

Replacing the switch is the only method to walk in order to obtain a lasting result.

What perform you should replace the power button on the Nexus 5?

You will need some simple tools, a soldering kit, and also of food a replacement strength button. A much more detailed list of the forced tools and materials have the right to be uncovered below, together with a step-by-step overview to replace the button.

I recommend buying a couple extra replacement strength buttons, just in instance one end up damaged throughout the soldering process.

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Is it worth fixing?

Absolutely, throwing out a good phone because of a tiny broken button is a big waste. Repairing the switch is not tough to do and will save you a the majority of money not having actually to buy a brand-new phone.