Nexus 6, the follower of Nexus 5 is now giving several problems to its owners and also Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging is one of them. If you have bought this among the the majority of effective cellphones of Google, you additionally may confront this worry. But do not think that the phone is poor bereason it is packed with quick processor, bappropriate and also sharp display screen and many type of more attributes. In reality, you cannot name a solitary smart phone which is bug totally free. So, carry out not worry if you challenge Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging problem. Follow the below measures that might aid you out to solve the difficulty.

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Acomponent from Nexus 6, if you challenge the equivalent problem on other mobile phones such as Galaxy note 3, Nokia Lumia 1520 and so on, you can see our write-ups on how to deal with not charging trouble on Galaxy note 3, solution to settle not charging or sluggish charging issue Nokia Lumia 1520.


Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging

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Possible Solutions For Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging

> If you find that your phone is charging yet extremely progressively, then disable the unwanted apps. When you are done utilizing an application, push the ago switch 2 times rather pushing the house button. It will certainly cshed the application from the background. If you press residence switch, the app keeps running at the background and also drains even more battery power.

> When your Nexus 6 is charging, do not play games favor 3D as they need more handling power. So, the charging rate becomes lower than discharging rate.

If you uncover your Nexus 6 is not charging at all, then you must inspect few things:

> First check if the charging cable is working fine, so attempt via an additional cable.

> Check the charging pin of your phone. Stored dust in the pin might reason Nexus 6 Not Charging Or Slow Charging difficulty. So take a pin and also clean carefully if any kind of dust is there.

> If the phone is charging through plug allude, try it via your Lapheight or vice versa.

> Any stormy app might also be the factor behind this worry. So boot your phone into safe mode and also view if it is charging. If yes, then attempt to find the problematic application and delete it or perform a manufacturing facility recollection and also then selectively reinstall the apps.

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