Far be it from me to tell you what smartphone to very own, yet if you were looking at gettinga Nexus gadget, I"m going to go on a limb and advise you to skip the Nexus 6 and also 5X and also the 32GB Nexus 6P, and go directly to among these 64GB or 128GB Nexus 6P deals on Amazon.

As component of its Prime Day Deal, Amazon is discounting these models of the Nexus 6P by 26%.If memory serves me ideal, the best discount we"ve viewed on the Nexus 6P is $80 off plus a $50 gift card from B&H. By compariboy, we"re seeing right here $145 and also $170 on the 64GB and 128GB, respectively,which is even more than theprevious unified $130 off and also without any kind of funny gift card organization. Sweet, eh?

All of these Nexus 6Ps are compatible through the different US carriers and also are brand also newdevices.You have to be a Prime member to benefit from the deal and also Amazon will certainly ship them to you for free.

Here are the web links to the various configurations and colors:

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