Who doesn"t love sending out GIFs to friends? and if you want to learn just how to send a GIF in on facebook Messenger, we"ve got you, boo. It"s straightforward to send GIFs in Messenger, now that the application has fully embraced GIF culture and incorporated top GIF providers.

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Sending GIFs hasn"t always been so simple, even if it is you were on Messenger, Twitter or text. Luckily, Messenger added GIF functionality a few years ago —plus, facebook recently gained Giphy, therefore it need to be even much easier to use the short video clip clips in the messaging service.

Earlier this year, facebook Messenger rolled the end a new update come the application that vastly boosted the GIF sending out experience. Previously, you tapped a smiley face icon in the text ar to browse v a carousel of obtainable GIFs. Now, the GIFs appear below the message field and you deserve to swipe it approximately view a larger, card-like choice of GIFs. There"s additionally a find field, so girlfriend can find the specific GIF you want —whether you want to send a "yass, queen!" or a "shaking mine head." It"s also much less complicated to toggle between sending GIFs and also sending stickers.

As much as Facebook"s current acquisition of Giphy, it shouldn"t readjust how friend send GIFs in Messenger, because the 2 were currently integrated. In fact, 50 percent that Giphy"s traffic already comes from Facebook’s apps, consisting of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. However, points may readjust for various other apps and also social networks that use Giphy, choose Twitter and Apple"s iMessage text massage system.

How to send a GIF on facebook Messenger mobile app

Open the facebook Messenger application on her iPhone or Android phone.Select a human or group chat.In the bottom menu, tap the plus (+) icon and also select the GIF tab.Or in the message field, insanity the smiley face icon and also select the GIF tab.Browse v the arsenal of GIFs or find for a specific GIF making use of keywords.Tap to select the desired GIF. It will certainly send immediately.


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How come send a GIF on facebook Messenger desktop

Log right into Facebook top top a net browser.Open Messenger by clicking on the Messages symbol in the top navigation bar or open up the chat window.Select a human or group chat.Click on the GIF symbol in the bottom menu bar.Browse through the arsenal of GIFs or search for a certain GIF making use of keywords.Click to choose the preferred GIF. It will certainly send immediately.

What come know around sending GIFs in on facebook Messenger

There room two an essential things to store in mind when sending GIFs in on facebook Messenger.

1. When you madness or click a GIF in browse/search, it will send immediately. There is no check pop-up. It won"t ask you if you"re certain you desire to send the GIF. So, it is in careful!

2. Girlfriend can"t unsend a GIF (or any type of other type of message).Again, wield your GIF-sending strength wisely.

How to article a GIF on Facebook

Now that you know just how to send a GIF in facebook Messenger, you might be wondering how to article GIFs on on facebook itself. You can either write-up a GIF on facebook in a short article you develop or short article a GIF in a talk about a friend"s facebook post.

To post a GIF in your own Facebook standing post, ~ above the mobile app, simply start inputting to develop a post. Below, you"ll see a list of options, consisting of GIF. That"ll carry up a search window just like in Messenger. Top top desktop, once you develop a post, you have the right to click the icon with three dots to see choices including GIF.

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To post a GIF in a on facebook comment, top top the mobile app, begin typing her comment. ~ above the right side the the message field, tap the GIF icon (next to the smiley face icon). Top top desktop, click the GIF symbol in the comment message field.

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