The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was officially unveiled by Samsung at multiple press occasions roughly the world last week, and also as you understand from our coverage, it has tons of awesome features to compliment that beautiful 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD AMOLED display screen. While the phone isn’t here yet, we’re already preparing to share just how to articles so users will certainly understand just how to gain the new Keep in mind 4 once it arrives.

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The brand-new Galaxy Keep in mind 4 is loaded via loads of features. It has actually a nice aluminum style, faux leather back, and also even an enhanced 16 megapixel camera via optical image stabilization. However before, it’s using the huge phablet-sized smartphone for multitasking that reasons many users to buy one.

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A feature that initially debuted on the Galaxy Note 2 has actually ongoing to arrive for many kind of Samsung Galaxy tools, and that is Multi-Window mode. A similar function called dual home window mode is easily accessible for the LG G3, yet Samsung still uses the ideal suffer, and listed below we’ll easily present you exactly how to run 2 apps all at once on the new Keep in mind 4.


As discussed above, multi home window mode essentially lets the user run 2 apps at the exact same time. This can be side-by-side in landscape mode, or one on optimal of the various other while holding the phone normal in portrait mode.

Being able to launch and also use 2 apps at the same time on the Keep in mind 4 is an awesome feature, one that many type of owners will certainly appreciate. This permits for true multi-tasking on a mobile device, not to point out you can watch emails which watching a YouTube video, and much more.


While there’s a setup in choices to have an always-on tab to the side of your display for instant accessibility, we uncover that somewhat obnoxious and also would certainly fairly not usage that method. Instead, simply long push the dedicated ago switch (bottom right) button on your new Galaxy Keep in mind 4, and this brings up multi home window mode.

From here sindicate pick the apps you’d like to usage concurrently by long-pressing the icon and also dragging it over. From here you then select a 2nd application and also drag it to the top or the bottom. Not all apps support this, however the majority of of Samsung’s proprietary apps perform, Google Chrome, Facebook, and most of Google’s content apps are all on board. This renders doing two things at once very easy.

Rather than try to explain it, just check out our quick manual exactly how to video listed below for a look at it in activity on the all-new Galaxy Keep in mind 4.

The Galaxy Keep in mind 4 supports 2 apps at the exact same time, and thanks to 3GB of RAM and also an effective 2.7 GHz quad-core processor every little thing is very smooth. We were able to watch video while searching the internet or Facebook, and also re-size the display screens as you view fit. There’s a blue circle individuals have the right to drag to adjust each screens size, as they check out fit, which is a nice touch we’ve also checked out others try to copy.

This makes multitasking basic and lets power individuals gain more done in less time by having actually 2 apps open up and also obtainable at the same time. Not only that, however you can quickly go back to your normal work flow by tapping ago, or long push the back button again to revolve off multi window mode.

LG added a “recent” button to their exact same dual-home window function, something that permits customers to instantly launch the exact same two apps through a solitary tap, which is a nice touch, but Samsung doesn’t market anypoint equivalent. You’ll need to scroll through and find the apps you desire each time.

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With a huge and vivid Quad-HD screen coming in at 5.7-inches, there’s no factor users won’t want to take benefit of this awesome feature for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Once it goes on sale in October you’ll want to revisit this web page, and attempt multi window mode yourself.

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