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Englishjello native CanadaThe middle part features a talkbox (A maker which has a tube the guitarist place in his mouth). Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and especially Peter Frampton offered it rather often. The key riff the the song is a take it on the Beatles "Day Tripper" track Zosoboy from Bayonne Nj I constantly thought that, perhaps, the title can have initially been "Heir that the Dog", the proverbial son of a Bitch! ns remember how the censors were ago then. Ns remember a song by Steppenwolf, "God cursed the Pusher " got tiny air play since of this. Stegokitty native Rhode Island, UsaThough i rolled mine eyes once I first read around the "Satan loves you" bit, I have admit that, after ~ listening in ~ the starting point where one more bloke discussed (at 3:20), it"s reasonably noticeable. It"s in a medium-low speaking voice, not sung. It comes along choose this (again, utilizing 3:20 together your starting point): "Now you"re messin" v a -- a boy of bi-itch; now you"re messin" with -- a Satan loves you". You have the right to still hear "... A son of a bi-itch" being sung, of course, however now it"s obtained "Satan loves you" superimposed over it. It is what that is.Red hot Mama from ArizonaLOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SONG!!! I fell in love v it the first time ns heard it on my rock station Love the text too!!AnonymousThey wanted the album to be referred to as "Son that a bitch", however the record company said no.So it was "Hair of the dog" instead, which has nothing to do with the song...Dustin native NashvilleFor those inquiring minds concerning Nazareth"s live execution of this song:The bagpipes room strictly a prop, castle hide the pipe of a guitar effects machine called a Talkbox (made renowned by Peter Frampton, Joe Perry, Joe Walsh, among others). Essentially, the tube is associated to a crate that has a little but an effective driver speaker, as soon as a guitar is associated to the box, the sound of the amplified guitar is generated by the driver speaker, the encasement focuses the sound increase the tube wherein it is inserted in the mouth, typically of the guitarist (in Nazareth"s case, the singer"s), notes room played top top the guitar and the guitarist move his mouth to form sounds or if they are skilled enough actual words. Nazareth just ran the tube up v the "blowstick" the the bagpipes because that visual effect, the guitarist is actually playing the sound and also the singer is working in coordination v him.As because that the timeless Scottish song that the tape goes briefly into throughout live performances it is called: The Bonny banks of Loch Lomond. It actually is a lyrical song originally however has become quite famous in its crucial bagpipe version as well.Lastly, due to the fact that of the similarity through Bon Scott"s voice and also the like, its amazing to note that AC/DC would likewise play its own version of The Bonny financial institutions of Loch Lomond during live performances in the 1970s.Cyberpope native Richmond, CanadaSounds an ext like "sonna Bitch" or "son of bitch" to me.Linda native Inland Empire, CaThis tune was a guaranteed must play in ~ my high school"s dances in the so late 70s. Who might resist flailing madness to the beat and also yelling "son that a bitch" with immature glee in the middle of her high school and also not gaining in problem for it? an excellent times, an excellent times. :-)Jeremy indigenous Brampton, Onthere is certainly no "Satan loves you" carry up one equalizer and bring under the 5khz and greater range, and bring everything listed below 60hz down. You can clearly here "Son of a bitch"Bill native Coaler, IlSounds choose "Shakin Bitch" to meBobzilla native Chicago, IlLike male says, this tune would have been called "Son that a Bitch" if they can have gotten it ~ above the radio with that title. Instead, they adjusted it come "Heir of the Dog" for this reason it way the exact same thing, then readjusted that to "Hair..."This is the true "more cowbell" song.It"s a rock classic.The drummer can be play the cowbell with a left foot pedal (his hands are busy through the ride and the backbeat) however there"s no way he"s playing the tambourine you have the right to hear in the chorus.And who is copy the etc line during the solo on an overblown flute.Nazareth to be a great 4 item rock outfit, yet it took much more than 4 guys to beat what girlfriend hear top top the studio recording. Paul indigenous Pasadena, TxFact ns counted no less than 7 times from the 3 minute mark! occasionally they didn"t carry out a very great job of extending it increase though!Paul native Pasadena, TxActually that happens numerous times throughout the song however is really noticeable from around the 3:20 note on with the finish of the song! Unbelievable!Paul from Pasadena, TxWell I just listened to this song and didn"t an alert it till I to be reading around the subliminal message. I have the right to tell you the at the 3:19 note of this tune you deserve to hear that as plain as the creating that you are reading! That"s amazing just how they go that!Ken from Boston, MaTowards the end, that is repeated"son that a bitch" I do NOT hear Satan loves you !Ken from Boston, MaSounds a little bit like Brian Johnson that AC/DCJason from Denver, CoDan McCafferty is probabaly among the most prominent metal singers out there. Human being like rob Halford, Axl Rose and also Brian Johnson have said he is among their influences. The guy has a an excellent gritty sound voices.AnonymousIt is "SATAN luvs u",not SATIN! U have the right to hear that rite at finish of song(left ch.) -Joe, AdelaideDavid native Youngstown, OhI"m amazing every time ns hear this track on the radio the stations are permitted to pat it since "son of a bitch" is mentioned around 100 times. Some stations, rightfully involved by the FCC"s willingness come fine them for language, censor "son the a bitch" from songs such as "The adversary Went under to Georgia."Oldpink from brand-new Castle, InLive, lock were making use of bagpipes, yet the studio variation is the familiar talkbox.Great song with an instantly catchy key riff, even if that is no exactly complicated to play.Joshua native La Crosse, WiHoliday (and Pete), it sound to me choose that various other voice is just repeating the phrase "son that a bitch". Climate again, I likewise used come mis-hear the opened line together "Heartbreaker, salt shaker". Hard rock lyrics warning listeners about the risks of too lot sodium in your diet?Pete indigenous Kansas City, KsHoliday in FL,I"m not sure just how to "prove friend wrong" yet I fail to hear and mention the "satin" in the song. What would a silky material generally found in bedsheets and nightwear have to do through the lyrics?Holiday native Southwest, FlBelieve the or not, if you listen to the last component of the track (3/4) there is a subliminal lyric that claims "Satin Loves You"... Where he sings "Now you"re messing v a kid of a bitch", then listen an extremely closely. It floored me when an initial heard it. If friend don"t believe it please prove me wrong.Don native B G, KyConan O"Brien did a TV skit with a clown (Ronald MacDonald?) where the clown struck people ~ above the street through this track playing. It was funny.Guy indigenous Benson, NcThe title is a hoax a beat on words Heir the the Dog would be a kid of a bitch. I know the spelling is different(hair and also Heir), yet we"re not talking high level humor. Also, the component in the center may have been played through a bagpipe live, but it is definitely a talk Box being provided on the studio version. Randy indigenous Colerain Twp., OhThis would be an proper song for a few girls the I had actually dated, consisted of my ex-girlfriend.

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Bagpipes??? it seems favor it would certainly be much more of a problem to beat the bridge part with that thing than a voice tube.Larry indigenous Jackson, NjHey Barry..Its no a voice tube..the singer dram Bagpipes for the part. I observed them live several times.Chet from Buffalo, NyIt"s likewise played throughout the end credits of a film, but I can"t recall which...anybody?Barry indigenous Greenville, NcI"ve constantly wondered if Nazareth provided a voice tube impact a la Peter Frampton and also Joe Walsh during the bridge of this song!see more comments