The NVIDIA Shield tablet is among the best Android tablets, and also that method you"re walk to desire to store it looking like you simply took it the end of the box. To execute that, you need a an excellent case, and we"re below to assist you uncover the perfect one for you. Right here are ours favorites.

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ProCase Premium Folio sheathe case


You"ll love the polished feel of the ProCase Premium Folio cover case and also how well it protects the NVIDIA Shield tablet computer without adding a lot of mass or weight — you"ll love the price, too: under $20 because that a animal leather case.

Its exterior is made from leather and the within is made of a soft product to prevent scratches. The sheathe folds right into a stand that can be secured in countless angles because that comfortable viewing or gaming. Its elastic strap closure secures the lid once the tablet computer is not in usage — it likewise turns the tablet"s display off once closed and turns that on once opened.

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If you"re in search of a instance that"s make of leather, supports auto sleep and also wake, and that"s priced affordably, then the ProCase Premium Folio Cover instance is the one friend want.

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NVIDIA SHIELD tablet Cover


NVIDIA"s own Shield tablet cover is made for its tablet, therefore there"s no question around whether or not it will fit.

It"s made v a polyurethane faux animal leather exterior and also a microfiber interior for preventing scratches. The lid has a magnetic closure and can fold over to come to be a stand for a viewing, gaming, or making use of the keyboard.

The NVIDIA Shield tablet cover supports auto sleep and wake, which way that as soon as you nearby the cover, the tablet"s display turns off, and when you open up the cover, it transforms on.

If you desire a situation for your NVIDIA Shield tablet computer that you know will fit, then pick the NVIDIA Shield tablet computer cover.

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Poetic NVIDIA Shield tablet Case


The Poetic NVIDIA Shield tablet computer case is a heavy-duty protective case built to shield your tablet computer from impacts and dings.

Its body is written of food class silicone, i m sorry is really easy to store clean — all you have to do is rinse it off with water and also wipe it v a clean cloth. It has rounded edges the make it an extremely comfortable come hold and also a raised bezel along the edges of the display to defend it indigenous scratches.

There"s likewise this other cool thing about the NVIDIA Shield tablet computer case — it"s got integrated channeling chambers design to direct sound indigenous the speakers up toward your confront so the you can hear it better. Isn"t that awesome?

If you"re looking for a heavy-duty protective situation that"s easy to save clean and that help to direct the sounds of the speakers towards you, then the Poetic NVIDIA Shield tablet computer case is a an excellent option.

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Fintie SmartShell case


The Fintie SmartShell situation is a combination of style and protectiveness. Amazon reviewers love exactly how it feels and looks, and also how it protects while remaining lightweight. It additionally comes in a variety of colour to fit every taste.

Its covering is make of polyurethane fabricated leather, v a soft microfiber interior, and also a tough polycarbonate back shell. This keeps its weight down while protecting the an equipment from scratches and dings.

The cover turns right into a stand for propping up the tablet to read, clock videos, or pat games. It has a magnetic closure and will turn the tablet"s display screen off as soon as it is closed and turn it back on when it is open.

If you"re in search of a situation that is colorful, lightweight, and protective, then the Fintie SmartShell case might it is in the one for you.

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ProCase SlimSnug case


The ProCase SlimSnug case is slim, form-fitting, and yet protects the NVIDIA Shield tablet quite well. You"ll love how its texture makes it simpler to host with one hand and how that protects the corners.

The situation itself is created of a tough polycarbonate shell back, a man-made leather cover, and also the microfiber interior. It come in countless bright colors, and when the sheathe is closed, it turns the tablet"s display screen off — as soon as it"s open, it transforms the tablet"s screen on.

If you"re in search of a form-fitting instance that is light, protective, and also comes in shining colors, then the ProCase SlimSnug case is appropriate up her alley.

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