At its press conference in ~ CES 2017, Nvidia announced a brand-new Shield console to run Android and also capable of 4K HDR streaming.

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We first heard rumors of the an update Shield back in December once a leak said that we’d view two new consoles in 2017. The most amazing thing around the leak to be the new console"s controller, with longer hand-grips that make the look significantly different native the console"s ahead iteration.

The first Nvidia Shield impression us through its 4K calculation and capability to stream games over a regional network making use of Nvidia’s gamestream technology, but it to be let down by a hefty price tag.

Now, Nvidia has actually let us in on its new device, and while there"s only one, this streaming crate is loaded v power. What"s more, it"s donate by Google Assistant and also a brand-new peripheral called Spot, providing it much an ext capabilities than just playing games and also watching TV and also movies.

The Nvidia Shield 2017 will cost $199, despite Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn"t announce a release date.

The point out peripheral will be offered as a separate accessory in the comes months, and no price was announced because that the device.

Nvidia Shield 2017 specsand features

Among them are the capability to present 4K HDR content, consisting of from Amazon and also Netflix. Huang states the Nvidia Shield 2017 is the an initial entertainment platform to support the entire library of both Amazon and also Netflix in the high-resolution standard.

It also supports 4K solutions from YouTube, Google Play and PC games. A steam app native Valve allows you attach to your PC and stream 4K HDR games from your computer to straight to her TV.

As if the wasn"t enough, the Nvidia Shield 2017 also supports Google Assistant, the Android maker"s answer to Siri.You can interact with the Shield as you would certainly another personal assistant device, such together Google residence or Amazon Echo, and also Google Assistant will certainly speak come you through your TV.

In stimulate to pick up her voice everywhere in your house, Nvidia has additionally developed a microphone dubbed Spot. Numerous of the tiny black color mics deserve to be put throughout her house, and Spot will configure and also triangulate your location based upon your voice.

Nvidia Shield can perform work such as transforming on the coffee pot, in search of movies and also TV reflects for you to watch, and also shutter your home if you"re heading the end for the day.

As Huang placed it, the new Shield, Spot and Google Assistant combo are favor Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg"s Jarvis smart house AI, only now, accessible to everyone.

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