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The very first touch screen fan controller?


Today I’ll it is in looking at the NZXT Sentry 2, the cheap younger brother of the Sentry LX I previously reviewed. The Sentry 2 fits in a single 5.25” drive bay and features a shade touch display to take care of user interface.




Cracking open up the crate we have actually the Sentry 2, a bag the accessories and the manual.




Did ns say Manual? I expected Install Guide. Regrettably to figure out few of the controls ~ above the Sentry 2 I had to head over to NZXT’s website and also download the Manual. Not a huge blunder, but it would have been nice to have actually the controls detailed in the download Guide.



The bag the accessories consists of mounting screws, orange sticker points for mounting the heat probes, a pair that spare heat probes, and also a single black cable tie. Ns not sure why they only threw in one (a bundle of 5 or ten would have actually been better).



The Sentry 2’s touch display comes safeguarded with plastic film. The body of the fan controller is do of a kind of plastic that is similar to the kind used top top the NZXT Cryo LX laptop cooler. It’s very solid and doesn’t feel “cheap” in the slightest.



The fan and also temperature leads mount to the back of the PCB.



The probes are protected by plastic sleeves to prevent damages during shipping.



Unlike the Sentry LX, the Sentry 2 has 3-pin fan and also 4-pin MOLEX connectors for hooking increase fans. So instead of managing the fans in regards to RPM’s, ~ above the Sentry 2 you manage them in terms of power delivered.



Not much can be said about the PCB, as it’s relatively plain. The one distinguishable attribute is the alarm speaker in the top right-hand corner.



While the frame is all plastic, NZXT make the threaded holes the end of brass. Brass is also used in motherboard standoffs giving low friction and good strength.



In bespeak to download the Sentry 2, the Sentry LX would have to come out.



As you have the right to see the screen on the Sentry 2 is fairly legible, also from a distance.



The display is very bright and also well laid out.



The Sentry 2 is a neat small product. The idea of making use of a touch display was an excellent and the implementation is excellent. Not just is the Sentry 2 bright and easy come read, yet control is very responsive and also each press on the display emits an audible beep to confirm that your input is recognized.


I choose that NZXT assumed to incorporate 4-pin MOLEX relations for the fans as well, however I great they had made castle modular in which method to help combat cable clutter. It’s additionally nice that you deserve to turn the screen off, must you be sleeping in the exact same room and also want to save your computer system on. Lastly the best component about the Sentry 2 is the it costs around as much as a normal non-touchscreen fan controller. At the moment of writing, the Sentry 2 have the right to be had actually on Newegg for $35 US, a really reasonable price indeed.

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Responsive and well applied touch-screen interface 3-pin and also 4-pin fan hookups Solid construct quality capability to turn the display off if you take place to be sleeping in the very same room) assistance for high power fans (>10 watt per channel according to NZXT) great price in ~ $35 us


3-pin + MOLEX fan leads add cable clutterControls not listed in download GuideWould be nice if it consisted of a few more cable ties


The Sentry 2 is great low-cost pan controller laden with unique features. If you’re trying to find a high-quality fan controller, this one should be in ~ the peak of your list.