The audio coming from your Oculus Rift"s headphones functions fine most of the time, yet when it cuts out or loser quality, your experience is significantly affected. There are a couple of reasons you can be getting poor quality sound or no sound at all through your headphones, and we"ve put together a perform of potential fixes to assist get you ago on track.

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How to gain Oculus Rift audio working with SteamVR

SteamVR does typically play pretty well v the Rift, however sometimes you require to readjust a setup here or over there to optimize the experience. One such instance is once audio indigenous SteamVR games doesn"t play with your Rift"s integrated headphones.

Here"s how to collection SteamVR up so the audio changes immediately to the Rift"s integrated headphones when playing games, then earlier to your constant speakers as soon as you exit SteamVR:

Launch SteamVR from her desktop, start menu, or taskbar.

Click the dropdown arrow alongside SteamVR.


Click Settings.

Click Audio.


Click the dropdown arrow in the When SteamVR is active, set playback an equipment to field.

Click Headphones (Rift Audio).


Click the dropdown arrow next to the When SteamVR is exited, set playback device to field.

Click your standard speakers you use once not in VR.


That"s all there is to it. Currently you won"t have to go in and manually adjust your Rift"s headphones come the default an equipment anytime you usage SteamVR to play gamings on your Rift.

How to deal with one Oculus Rift headphone not working

Some Rift users have asserted that one or the other built-in Rift headphones will avoid working. When some human being recommend getting new hardware, the answer to the problem is sometimes much easier.

One that the first things you desire to perform if one integrated Rift headphone fails is swap the built-in headphones to view if it"s a mechanically failure.

If, say, the appropriate headphone functions on the left side, you"ll know it"s other to perform with your pc rather 보다 your headset. In this case, her Rift probably isn"t set as the default audio playback device. Here"s how to change your audio settings to acquire that one headphone working again:

Right-click the speaker button in your mechanism tray.Click Playback devices.

Right-click Headphone - Rift Audio.


Click Set together Default Device.

Click OK.


That should take treatment of the pc side of one headphone not working. If the trouble persists, you will most likely want to call Oculus support after all, since it is most likely a hardware problem.

How to solve popping audio in Oculus Rift headphones


A couple of users have actually encountered a yes, really annoying problem: popping audio while castle game. Due to the fact that VR"s immersiveness is what renders it great, girlfriend don"t want bad audio to traction you out of a different world.

The basic consensus concerning the cause of this difficulty is incompatibilities v your motherboard and the Oculus Rift. Inateck has a PCI-E come USB 3.0 expansion card available on Amazon for around $30 that has solved the popping audio problem for Rift users.

The idea is come plug the USB cable from her Rift right into this growth card rather than directly into her motherboard. The comes through all important cables come hook the up, and also it is fairly easy to install if you"re at all acquainted with computer building. If not, there is an included instruction hand-operated that will overview you through the process.

See in ~ Amazon

How to solve Oculus Rift audio failing when in game

Another trouble with Rift audio has actually recently crept up, and also it requires sound cutting out completely while gaming. The audio will not return till your pc is restarted, which is a big pain. Girlfriend can try plugging her head-mounted display"s USB cable into a various port, but there"s really no definitive fix.

Some individuals have, however, uncovered a systems involving machine Manager and disabling audio chauffeurs for other tools other 보다 Rift.

Right-click the Start button.

Click Device Manager.


Click the dropdown arrow alongside Audio inputs and also outputs.

Right-click an audio option the does not cite Oculus Rift.


Click Disable device.

Click Yes.


Repeat procedures 4-6 for any type of audio tools other than those the say (Rift Audio). To get sound earlier on these devices later, you"ll need to re-enable the drivers.

Right-click the Start button.Click Device Manager.

Click the dropdown arrow beside Audio inputs and outputs.


Right-click a disabled device.

Click Enable device.

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Your Rift"s audio

Did you gain your audio working effectively again with one of these tips? let us know in the comments section listed below what various other Rift audio problems you encountered and also how you managed to settle them!

Updated June 5, 2017: We"ve refreshed this list through a brand-new fix for failing audio while in a game.