Has someone a reminder on exactly how to make square or other format pictures come look good in 16:9 ratio. I do not desire black borders or scretch it. I understand there are some pictures that use the same photo as a background however blurred. Walk somebody recognize a great website/app/program or photoshop cheat to make this impact ?


I attached an example.

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Your instance is straightforward to do, and also that is around all you have the right to do if attempting to project a 4:3AR video clip into a 16:9AR screen.  any type of attempt to readjust the aspect ratio the a graphics or video was originally developed in is going come yield i can not accept results. Anyone with even straightforward experience in graphic will automatically spot what to be done. 

The closest you can come is come enlarge or shrink the original graphic. Enlarging a 4:3AR come 16:9 will an outcome in extreme distortion and possible image clipping, as you have currently mentioned. No method out.

Jamming a 16:9AR down into 4:3 will typical "black bars" on one of two people side and possibly deleting components of the image. I have actually seen the poorly done, and also the tops of the gibbs heads space clipped off (which a movie manager would never do!). 


: my apologies...I walk not deal with your question. I check out the location of her thread and answered that. Following time i will have actually a cup of coffee before I answer!

For individual pictures:  In Photoshop (or any kind of equivalent program prefer Corel Photopaint, perhaps Gimp, etc.) all the graphic artist did was take the same picture of the actor, enlarge it to fill the screen while maintaining the 16:9AR that the graphic. Then he phased it out (IOW blur filter) and use the brightness/contrast device to lower the brightness and also image comparison settings which produced a less noticeable "background" effect. He put that on great 1. He then copied/pasted or imported his main picture of the actor and inserted it on layer 2 overlay, and maintained the AR, clarity, meaning and color-depth (IOW, that didn"t readjust it) and centered it. Climate he conserved the totality thing as a file.


How to do this v video, i don"t know. Yet I am certain it is no that difficult.

If girlfriend don"t get many answers here, I suggest you try VideoHelp; a most pros and also serious amateurs hang the end there and I am certain you will acquire plenty of answers.

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