What is the beginning of this comic trope? A human being turns to the camera and also says other like, "Oh, hello. I didn"t view you there." What was the more quickly example, and also is anything genuine being parodied?

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This is satirizing someone with tiny imagination that acts fake surprised in bespeak to make a an individual connection through the audience.
Response through poster: Here"s a current example.posted by Cool Papa Bell in ~ 9:19 to be on might 29, 2015 <1 favorite>
I"m pretty certain that if went and looked into the miscellaneous scenarios the Commedia Dell"Arte troupes you"d find instructions for among the Zannis to come the end on stage and be fully surprised to discover an audience wait for him.posted by brookeb in ~ 10:23 am on may 29, 2015 <3 favorites>
Talking to the audience in the middle of a present is a really old trope. It"s usual in Shakespeare both in soliloquies as well as short "asides" come the audience, and probably goes back all the means to the beginning of theatre. In movies ns can"t think that anything previously than the Bob hope / Bing crosby "Road" pictures, however still there are more than likely much previously movies that execute it.posted by w0mbat at 11:36 to be on might 29, 2015
Early movies borrowed heavily native vaudeville, where direct engagement v the audience was a specifying feature. Here"s an example, stated in the publication Breaking the 4th Wall: Direct deal with in the Cinema. Somebody in vaudeville, familiar with the Commedia Dell"Arte or not, must have come up through the fake surprised at part point.posted by hydrophonic at 11:43 am on might 29, 2015 <2 favorites>
If I"m knowledge you, you"re not katifund.orging around just break the 4th wall, but satirizing someone who thinks it"s original to rest the fourth wall. My read was this is an especially something excellent by a the majority of amateur video people top top Youtube etc. For example a pair years back there was this Kickstarter collection of people using this supposedly-original machine in your Kickstarter video. (Warning, it is sort of agonizing to watch.) Seems likely that amateur fitness video clip makers carry out the same; i figured he to be making funny of that basic phenomenon.posted through LobsterMitten in ~ 1:35 pm on might 29, 2015 <2 favorites>
Response by poster: If I"m knowledge you, you"re not katifund.orging around just break the fourth wall, but satirizing someone who thinks it"s original to rest the fourth wall. Yes, exactly.I"ve seen it much previously than the development of YouTube. I was wonder if there was an ur-example or if there was some famous video clip where someone did it, and we"re all making fun of that guy without knowing it.posted by Cool Papa Bell at 1:47 pm on might 29, 2015
I desire to say Masterpiece Theater, also though ns don"t quite understand what that is and also am probably crossing mine lines v the Sesame Street "Monsterpiece Theater" bit.posted by Iteki at 2:54 pm on might 29, 2015
I associate the basically extinct non-satire variation of this trope v the sort of instructional and also promotional videos that begin with a really staged "real life" scene and then shift smoothly right into pitching friend on the product that made that possible. I"ve seen it a many in giveaway VHS tapes about cleaning products, your new furniture, etc., because one of my coworkers collects them, but they hardly ever come right out and also say "I didn"t watch you there"—that seems like it"s partially an interpolation, in the same method that Dana Carvey doing an impression is half George bush or Johnny Carson and fifty percent a recurring catchphrase the encapsulates George bush or Johnny Carson due to the fact that he claimed it once, or since it sounds favor something the would say.Here"s a contempt mutated version—in the 90s and also early aughts Buick"s "Product Master" videos were hosted by world who looked prefer the dealership"s target customer, whether that was an handsomely gray upper-middle-class husband with sweaters and adult children or a clever young mam with farming kids. They begin in media res through the host and also his/her household using the auto to carry out fun aspirational things, and then ~ a minute the family members leaves and also the host gets under to business. And they constantly make me desire an old Buick, so one point to them.posted by Polycarp in ~ 3:26 pm on might 29, 2015 <3 favorites>
I think the is a few decades old, in ~ least. I associate it v a 1950s tv presenter setup, once (nominally) it still could have to be fresh and charming come viewers. "What the... That other on the TV simply spoke come me! That"s the craziest thing I have ever before seen!"posted by ricochet biscuit at 9:55 am on may 30, 2015
One early example is the end of "Mr Blandings builds His Dream House" (1948) where one of the personalities addresses the camera in ~ the end, inviting the viewer to visit. Ns think in at least one of the Marx Brothers movies Groucho talks to the camera saying something favor "We need to put up through this yet you deserve to go the end to the foyer", but I can"t remember the specifics.posted through TheophileEscargot at 12:15 am on might 31, 2015
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