COLUMBUS, five – opening day because that Ohio’s 2014-2015 early on migratory bird hunting seasons will certainly be Monday, Sept. 1, and also includes mourning dove, Canada goose, rail, moorhen and snipe. Dates for these hunting seasons, plus teal and also woodcock, were approved by the Ohio Wildlife the supervisory board on Wednesday, July 16.

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Ohio’s dove searching season was expanded 20 job in 2014, including Sept. 1-Nov. 9 and also Dec. 13-Jan. 1, 2015. The day-to-day limit is 15 birds through a possession limit of 45 bird after the second day the the season.

Controlled dove hunts will be readily available at Fallsville, sirloin Run, feather Valley, Indian Creek and Bott state wildlife areas. Bott Wildlife Area will host its illustrations at the Indian Creek Headquarters. Controlled hunts will take place throughout the very first two work of the season, Sept. 1- 2. Controlled dove hunts will likewise be available at St. Marys State Fish Hatchery on Sept. 1, 6, 13 and also 20. Hunting hours will be noon to sunset for all controlled dove hunts.

Opening day drawings for every one of these hunts will certainly take place at noon ~ above Saturday, Aug. 23, in ~ the particular public area headquarters. Drawings for the other hunts will be held the job of the hunt in ~ noon. Maps and also details are available at wildohio.gov. Questions around these hunts should be command to the ODNR division of Wildlife’s District five office at 937-372-9261.

Canada geese might be pursued Sept. 1-15 during the special early season, v a everyday limit of five birds and possession limit of 15 after ~ the second day. The Mercer Canada Goose Zone will certainly be open during the at an early stage Canada goose season.


The at an early stage teal searching season is Sept. 6-21 with a everyday bag border of 6 birds and possession border of 18 ~ the 2nd day. Sora rails, Virginia rails and also moorhens can be pursued Sept.1-Nov. 9 with a daily limit of 25 rails and also 15 moorhens. Searching season because that snipe is Sept. 1-Nov. 30 and Dec. 20-Jan. 4, 2015, through a everyday bag limit of eight. The woodcock hunting season is Oct. 11-Nov. 24 v a day-to-day bag border of three.

Waterfowl hunters must have a valid searching license in enhancement to an Ohio wetlands habitat rubber stamp endorsement, a federal duck stamp and also a Harvest info Program (HIP) certification. Hunters must acquire a new HIP certification every year to hunt any migratory video game bird season. Licenses, permits and stamps are easily accessible online at the Wild Ohio customer Center. Federal duck stamps are obtainable at duckstamp.com.

An Ohio wetlands habitat rubber stamp endorsement and also a commonwealth duck stamp are not compelled to hunt doves, rails, moorhens, snipe and also woodcock. Only nontoxic shot may be supplied to hunt waterfowl, rails, moorhens and snipe.

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Hunting hours are sunrise come sunset. Exceptions apply on wildlife areas that have actually specially posted hunting times for doves. The 2014-2015 Ohio Hunting and also Trapping regulation are easily accessible at wildohio.gov and at patent outlets. The 2014 Migratory game Bird searching Seasons brochure will be obtainable in August.