Imagine one easy-to-build kit that has actually outstanding high-speed performance and dependable low rate stability. Currently imagine the in a good looking design and also you’ve just explained our Javelin.

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Bolt ~ above a .25-sized engine and enjoy gentle flying and barnstorming. Max it out v a .51-sized engine and also tear increase the skies with high-performance aerobatics.

all of this come in a an excellent looking architecture that is remarkably easy to build, thanks to our innovative style techniques and also precision laser reduced parts.

because of the interlocking design and also high high quality laser cutting of the parts, the Javelin is a fast build. Not just does it construct quick, yet it likewise builds straight and also true as every one of the components were designed come align correctly with a minimum that fuss and also alignment tools.

The Javelin uses a very first for OSMW kit - a built-up main gear box. This is very strong, however lightweight at the very same time.

The wing is removable giving accessibility to the extra large cabin area. From there you have actually easy access to download most any brand of radio and also control linkages.

Up-front, we’ve designed in a huge hatch that covers the spacious battery/tank compartment. This area will easily handle bigger 4s packs and also 12 oz tanks.

our Javelin was reviewed by Fitz pedestrian in design Aviation magazine. Examine out his video report below...

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whether you select to strength your Javelin with electrical or light power, we’ve acquired you covered. The firewall comes pre-etched v markings to assist in the mounting that the had motor mount. Glow engines have the right to be mounted upright, side, or even inverted with small modification necessary.

Our Javelin was independently reviewed by MBMrc. Examine out the video clip report below...


Wingspan: 60 inches

Wing Area: 710 sq inches

Length (airframe only): 49 inches

Weight: 4.5 - 6 pounds

Radio: 4 channel system Power: •Glow (.25-.51 engine, 6-10 oz tank, fuel tubing) •Electric (equivalent brushless motor, 3-4s LiPo)

Thinking of walk electric? Click the icon to the left for argued motor, ESC, battery and also prop combinations, courtesy the Innov8tive Designs.