Cut v the BS. Keep things simple. Us make money to fund our product and feed the team. You conserve money and also get the finest user experience, whether it"s black Friday or Taco Tuesday.

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We choose to store the emphasis on making an excellent products come share through the world. In bespeak to carry out so, we need to make some money in the process. At the same time, our users would prefer to conserve some money. This is where fair pricing comes in.

Basically castle say that they"re offering the device for a fair price year-round(they"ve proclaimed this before) and they stand up versus "price games". However, they"re providing you a lining $0.01 discount top top the 5T and also 50% turn off the dash charging bundle.


Personally i think that"s it s okay to some extent. Ns don"t think that it"s that relatively priced, given that they"re quiet exploiting so many workers in China. However still, several of the components could be the reason for the higher price - things prefer UFS 2.1 and also the RAM room not that cheap anymore. Also, earlier when castle were marketing the OP3, there was a shortage the AMOLED displays. Yet still, the jump from 399 because that the OP3 to 499 because that the 5/5T is pretty poor for the entirety "flagship killer" thing. No that it"s not a an excellent deal, I"m just expecting the price come hit the 600 mark sooner or later.


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Posted November 24, 2017

I never ever pay complete price because that anything..... I like oneplus however they won’t have actually my business.

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Compared come what, exactly? for a Flagship course smartphone, an extra $70 for twin the warehouse isn"t bad at all.


That worth has been quite shed through generations. OnePlus 5 costs practically twice that the price of OnePlus iirc (or 70% more?). And I"m no the only human being that thinks prefer that. Far from it.


I agree v the sentiment, yet I can"t assist but an alert 1+ prices have actually been steadily growing for each release, supposedly without lot of a reason. 500€ is not that far from what the likes of Samsung demand for their flagships. I might see your point far better when their best phone to be 350 bucks.

That"s most likely since the agency finally determined that their original organization model was simply not valid. They might have made money on the hardware, yet I doubt they made a the majority of profit after operation expenses.


Either that, or they broadened too quickly and also have too much overhead.

Except it’s no really a flagship. It has a flagship processor but lacks some attributes which constitutes a proper flagship in mine books.


Is the a bad phone? No, the isn’t. However for $500+, this isn’t a cheap phone anymore. It’s simply affordable, not cheap.


I remind the times where if you bought a OnePlus, you obtained what to be undeniably the ideal deal in town. The was yes, really cheap for what you got, however now the OnePlus is stability creeping as much as $600+ territory, i can’t law it favor an affordable phone call anymore.


In some nations even, it’s in ~ spitting street of a Galaxy S8. It’s no much longer cheap.


 If the manufacturers have made it together cheap as possible without compromising top top quality, then that"s most likely a great value.



Well the point is they didn’t, there was a trade-in transaction a while ago for the s8 dropping it under to 400$(Less than the oneplus 5) and also it’s a vastly remarkable phone in my opinion. Likewise if you’re wonder the profession in had actually no restrictions, for this reason if friend wanted, you could just buy an old ass phone turn off of permit go and send that in because that the deal.





Not to cite that many places artificially inflate their regular prices to do the "deal" sound good.


I"ll just wait for the V30

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still waiting for LG to release it top top the shores of italy

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Yeah... They space probably losing money. Carry out you think BOM costs are the only cost to offer a unit? There"s probably millions of dollars put right into R&D for it. There"s circulation costs, employee overhead, etc.

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If the BOM is $307, and they are selling it sleeve for $400, there"s no means they are making money on that. Not v the distributor"s margin, and also the retailer"s margin, transport costs, business overhead, etc. Who is shedding money, whether it"s Samsung or the Retailer, is the question.

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What about Android Updates and Security Updates?

1 hour ago, Septimus said:

It"s within spitting distance (like $50) that the s8, a much far better phone. 

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