Welcome!  Hymns have actually been and continue to it is in a real source of incentive to me.  My desire in this blog is to share distinct hymns with my reader hoping that the words will certainly minister come them, specifically in time of good personal need.  If among these hymns ministers to you, you re welcome take time to leaving a comment so the I recognize that mine blog is helping rather as much as it help me. Occasionally I will also administer a connect where you can go to hear the singing played.  So, please join me here each week and also sing follow me as we prayer God together.

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The web is a good source that information. However it does fall short when info just isn"t available anywhere. And that is very often the case when you room trying to uncover the background of the writing of hymns and songs from this era. Ns tried in vain to find anything around the background of my an option for this week. However, i did find out a couple of things around the writer, Lanny Wolfe. He was born and raised in a middle class family in Ohio. His father, a railroad engineer, was not a churchgoer. His mother was the daughter the a Methodist preacher. She sang and also played guitar in rebirth services while still a teenager, traveling throughout the Midwest and the East. Lanny faithfully rode a city bus come church every week v his mother, brother and sister. He started piano lessons in ~ the period of nine and also his pastor"s wife allowed him, together a teenager, to play piano for a camp choir. Of personal interest to me was the in 1963 he acquired married (I was married in 1962), he i graduated from Ohio State (same year I i graduated from Susquehanna), and he acquired his very first real job, to teach math (same year together I did). In 1965 he became a manager of music in ~ a scriptures College in California. Later on he started to create music and also he has been one of the much more prolific authors of Christian music in his era. (You can read his finish biography in ~ BIO.) so while I understand nothing around the elevator of this Gospel song, the post is clear and also so an essential for today"s world. This is a song that our household sang typically during our household ministry due to the fact that of the special post it conveys. Human being are feather for definition in life in every the wrong places, and we have the answer. It"s only Jesus that can accomplish the soul. Fame, fortune and wealth fall short and often result in depression and loneliness.

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Yet Jesus can readjust the heart and also make man whole. Mine prayer is the you have discovered this truth and that your heart is satisfied due to the fact that you"ve trusted Him.