Inspired by Fantasy flight Games \" Deathwatch Role-playing Game\"s an are Marine Chapter production Tables, these tables let you role up (or otherwise generate) your really own imperial Guard Regiment. These tables are for fluff just - examine out FFG\"s \" just War \" video game for rules on in reality role-playing a regiment.Only battle Regiment/Character Generator (Warhammer 40k Roleplay) summary Discussions 0 comment 24 readjust Notes 24 comment The Hive author Jan 18
1:46pm.Welcome to the Museum of The King’s imperial Hussars, find the story of three famous mounties regiments from 1 horsepower to 1200 HorsePower. This regiment, commanded by the Col. His regiment, the 34th Regiment that Foot, cruised to Quebec in 1776 as component of the broadened British commitment come the American war. Battle each other of Lancaster\"s Regiment.

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Only battle Campaign: 68th Drelghian: Session six So I\"m finally captured up to wherein we are in the Campaign, so i shan\"t be spamming the subreddit any more until at the very least next week. This was a an ext free type mission, much less shooty and much more chatty, simply to allow the players some time to obtain a feel for their environment without having actually to worry about. Secondly, part advice around Only battle specifically. Ns haven\"t DM\"d it myself, but I\"ve spent a most time through the various other 40k systems and I\"ve played in fantastic OW project that go this: plenty of people will tell girlfriend that only War is a device designed to be all about combat. Those civilization are wrong. Just War is about exactly that, War.

So, currently that just War is out, ns figured a thread showcasing the regiments everyone is creating could be a good idea. I\"ll begin us off with a line Infantry regiment, since you can\"t get an ext IG 보다 that!103rd Patrochan heavy Infanty \"The black Collars\"The human being of Patroch is home to a populace of serious, committed workers that value an excellent craftsmanship and also industrious production small less than the Adeptus Mechanicus. Though all Patrochan products are of wonderful make, lock are ideal known for a unique pattern the carapace breastplate, constructed with a reinforced gorget and also alloyed with particular dense ores that uncovered on few other worlds. All regiments tithed indigenous Patroch discover their soldiers outfitted through these good cuirasses, and also the time that a tithing watch a great frenzy of production as the necessary armor is produced. The location of the 103rd hefty Infantry comes from a well known incident in the regiment\"s original founding, when a fault in the smelting process stained the gorgets across entire line of breastplates an inky black. The regiment was referred to as to service before the armor might be reproduced, and prosecuted their campaign with an exemplary record and also remarkably couple of casualties. Over the many centuries because this an initial incident, the 103rd has been re-founded as necessary, and also with each Founding, their armor has the gorgets dyed black color in respect of the armor that offered so fine in times past.Characters belonging to the 103rd Patrochan hefty Infantry gain the complying with advantages:Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Strength, +3 Willpower.Starting Aptitudes: Willpower.Starting Skills: Athletics, usual Lore (Imperial Creed), typical Lore (Imperial Guard), common Lore (Imperium), typical Lore (War), grammars (Low Gothic).Starting Talents: hatred (Mutants), fast Reload.Blessed Ignorance: personalities from the Patrochan black color Collars room disinclined come seek expertise proscribed through the typical wisdom of your world, and suffer -5 to Forbidden Lore Tests.Wounds: characters from this regiment generate beginning Wounds normally.Standard Regimental Kit (Arms and also Armor): Per player character—M36 Lasgun and four fee packs (Main Weapon), imperial Guard flak armor, Good-craftsmanship Carapace Chestplate, knife, 2 frag grenades, 2 krak grenades.Standard Regimental Kit (Tools): Per player character—Microbead. Every Squad—Auspex.Standard Regimental Kit (Miscellanea): every player character—Chrono, Uniform, bad weather gear, sling bag, simple tools, chaos kit, water canteen, blanket, sleep bag, rechargeable desk lamp pack, organize kit, cognomen tags, royal Infantryman\"s Uplifting Primer, 2 weeks the combat sustenance rations.Favored Weapons: Grenade Launcher (Special), Autocannon (Heavy)Creating the Patrochan black color CollarsHome World: royal WorldCommanding Officer: PhlegmaticRegiment Type: Line InfantryDoctrines: stole DisciplineTotal Cost: 7 points (+10 points towards Standard Kit)Additions to typical Kit: Good-craftsmanship Carapace Chestplate (15 pts, +5 pts for craftsmanship), Microbead (8 pts), Chrono (2 pts), Auspex (10 pts, one every Squad)Further Notes: This is a regiment design to keep the players alive and intact a little much more than usual. The extra armor and the Willpower aptitude should assist with both physical and also mental hardiness, if the rest of the equipment reflects your planet\"s inclination in the direction of doing points thoroughly, consisting of outfitting their regiments. Good, solid, dependable equipment--plus, the Auspex renders technical characters like an Operator advantageous even as soon as the Squad has actually no automobile assigned come them. The weapons were preferred for being able to connect light vehicles and also heavier infantry, the sorts of opponents a Squad can have challenge with however still be meant to overcome. They additionally are powerful without risking being overly solid in the hands of a beginning Weapons specialist or heavy Gunner.

Inspired by Fantasy flight Games\" Deathwatch Role-playing Game\"s an are Marine Chapter development Tables, this tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your an extremely own royal Guard Regiment. These tables room for fluff only -- check out FFG\"s \"Only War\" game for rule on actually role-playing a regiment. The table is also not for uniformly defining every unit from the rolling world, simply showing the certain Regiment being focused on and/or what the human being is renowned for.

How To farm yard Ancient/Primal roll of Legendaries or collection Items ancient and Primal tier items space stronger versions of the base legend and set items, dropping in ~ a reduced rate (10% and 0.2%, respectively). Diablo 3 set item drop rate.

Roll top top the planet generator and also System generator (filling the end those spots already rolled here) tables for more fluff.

For extra fun, develop your own device of human beings with IG regiments, penal legions, PDFs, and additionally use the space Marine Chapter development Table to produce your own Astartes Chapter that recruits native the system, and also an SoB order based in the system as well for your own unique, fluffy corner of the Imperium that you deserve to use for everything/anything!

Regiment Origin

Regiment Classificationd10
Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and also competent in your service.1-5
Planetary Defense Force: What the guard doesn\"t want, the PDF will certainly take.6
Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers. Watch them closely.7-8
Militia: Brave sufficient to defend their civilization without maintain or equipment.9
Navy Armsmen: professionals in void-combat, they\"ll protect the delivery or take the enemy\"s.10

Regiment Demographic

Recruitment Criteriad100
Volunteer: only the brave and desperate ( the both of i m sorry there are plenty) join this Regiment. This may be take away automaticly. (You can additionally roll a 2nd time to have a more specific method.)1-15
Veterans: Taken from the \"best\" the the PDF, this Regiment in which method knows much more about fight than most.16-25
Caste-born: raised from birth in the warrior caste.26-30
Nobility: Bought their commission because that honor and glory.31-35
Priesthood: they venerate the God-Emperor in his soldier aspect.36-40
Abhumans: Ratlings, Ogryn, and also other such helpful creatures.41-45
Tribespeople: all you have to do is teach them which method the gun points, for living in one area v lesser technology produces difficult soldiers.46-50
Lottery: choice by the God-Emperor\"s grace, and also a little luck.51-55
Spacers: Born on asteroids, off-world hab-stations, or the vessels of the imperial Navy. (If navy Armsmen was rolled, this might be taken as default)56-60
Firstborn: liked by ideal of gift the eldest child.61-65
Vat-grown: No families to complain, no friends come consider.66-70
Gangers: They battled each other in the slums, now they fight a true enemy. (If Penal Legion to be rolled, this may be taken together default)71-85
Convicts: Serving your sentence ~ above the front lines, the slime. (If Penal Legion to be rolled, this may be taken together default)86-95
Roll d3+1 times on this chart.96-100

Nature that Recruitmentd10
Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: Recruits space gathered native the dregs that society. (If Gangers, Convicts, or Lottery was rolled on demographic table, friend may select this through default)1
Elite tithe: The finest of the finest of the earth were recruited for this regiment. (If veterans, caste-born or nobility was rolling on demographic table, girlfriend may choose this by default)2-4
Standard conscription: median or above-average citizens recruited from every levels that society. (If Volunteers, Firstborn, or Lottery was rolled on the demography table, friend may choose this through default)5-10

Regiment Homeworld

Home Worldd10001–2526–4041–5556–6061–6566–7071–7576–8586–9091–9596–100
Hive World: No claustrophobia, wonderful sense of direction? metropolitan combat!
Death World: for these people, life to be a war prior to they might speak.
Feral World: castle fight favor wild pets in the Skyfather\"s name.
Agri-World: Sturdy, hard-working types, happy to be turn off the farm.
Civilized World: Comfortable but not soft, ready to fight come preserve and spread civilization.
Mining World: At home using heavy Machinery, no afraid that the dark and great in tight spaces.
Feudal World: tough workers and also steadfast warriors as soon as they\"re persuaded Lasguns aren\"t witchcraft
Shrine World: They fee into battle eagerly, and also their really prayers are warcries.
Forge World: Blessed by the Omnissiah to carry His light across the Galaxy.
Lost Homeworld: Ghosts execute not fear death, however they look for life through a terrible fury.(Roll again to recognize what sort of world it was, Before.)
Pleasure World: Soft together clay before the firing of the kiln; war is their crucible.

Home human being Predominant Terraind10001–2021–4041–6061–7071–7676–8081–8686–9091–9596–00
Desert: At house in sun, sand and also wind.
Garden/Mixed: Every terrain represented, top top the surface and also in the recruits
Jungle/Swamp: master of stealth and also inured come disease.
Ice: Cold-blooded, through hearts that fire.
Airless/Dead: They know the void, and the tech required to make it through it.
Cavern: indigenous the bowels of the earth, herbal sappers.
Mountains: Alpine hunting produces crack shots.
Ocean: They prospered up in the risks of the depths.
Plains: Wide, flat worlds produce great cavalry and tankers.
Urban: an excellent soldiers, as soon as you obtain the cityboy the end of the city.

Hive civilizations can instead/also roll on

Predominant Hive Tierd10001-0506–4041–7980–9596–100
The Spires: Clad in the ideal gear Daddy\"s money can buy, regiments the Upper-Hivers space rare however those that perform exist are some of the most (over)confident in the galaxy willing and also able come prove that reproduction will out, even in the face of Mankinds many grizzly foes.
Cavern/Underhive: What the gangers absence in discipline, they consist of for in savagery
Urban/Middle Hive: The fixed of the Hive, hearty if agoraphobic laborers
The totality Hive: huge and fractious, this clash of cultures is in hazard of fighting chin as much as the fights the enemy yet in the hand of the ideal general and also a skilled team that commissars this regiments have the right to play the different tiers staminas off the each various other to develop something important lethal.
Outskirts: The feral, toxicity wastelands surrounding the Hives\" bases much more like Techno-Barbarians than feral-worlders these hardy fighters have the right to survive practically anything, when being far better capable of technological warfare than Feral or Feudal Worlders and also in encountering as lot danger together most fatality Worlders (excepting Catachan and also other high finish shitholes) however in the form of getting shot at quite than mauled by animals.

Hive human beings can still roll on the predominant terrain table to recognize the setting outside the Hives (that is, if it is anything various other than toxicity wasteland) and before colonization. Product an essential for microsoft office mac. Mix up the an outcome for flavor, such as hive urban in the depth of oceans, in hill ranges, in deserts, in jungles etc. If metropolitan is rolled, it might be a city world with extreme populace even by Hive people standards, or the leagues the multi-story Buildings between Hives act together the Planets variation of suburbia though in both instances this also way the toxicity mire has nowhere to go but down. Have fun if you rolled underhivers!

Regiment Tactical Information

Regiment Core units (d100)1-2526-3536-4546-5556-7071-7576-8081-8586-9596-99100
Infantry Regiment
Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Mechanized Infantry
Shock Troopers

Last resort discography.

Specialization (d10)12345678910
Drill & Discipline
Stealth Warfare
Lightning Strike
Trench Warfare
Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Shock & Awe
Guerrilla Warfare
Hive and Urban Warfare

Do keep in mind that different regiments indigenous the same world have different compositions and specialties (such as an Abhuman Shock and also Awe regiment or an pho Trench regiment). What is rolling is what the world is renowned for, or the specialties the the certain regiment you are rolling up.

Only battle Regiment Creator

Loyalty Rating (d10)12-34-56-78-910
Overzealous: need to be actively held back from providing their lives for the Emperor or indigenous going too far when infrastructure and manpower must maintained for ~ an insurrection.
Fanatical: No remorse, no retreat, no fear.
Adherent: Hold rapid to the Creed and also His will.
Undisciplined: will follow the Emperor but don\"t suppose them to bow to authority figures.
Unorthodox: serve the Emperor in ways frowned top top by most in the Administratum.
Heretical: This regiment has actually abandoned the reality of the Emperor, and their fellows indigenous the same earth will despise them for the black mark of shame.

Feel complimentary to reroll or select the previous table together desired. Https://

Special tools (d100)1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-7071-8081-9091-100
Traditional Weapon
War Trophies
Specialized Lasgun Pattern
Exotic Mounts
Rare hefty Weapon
Blessed Wargear
Augmented Troops
Special Vehicle
Preferred Fighting Style
Modified Weaponry

Regiment Creed (d100)1-4041-6566-7576-8081-8586-9091-9596-100
For The Homeworld: This regiment\"s mission is to demonstrate the skill and also steel of the homeworld come the rest of the Imperium.
For the Emperor: Fervent id in the royal cult and the righteous mission of the Imperium fuel this regiment.
Best the the Best: The regiment believes itself to be elite and constantly strives to prove itself.
Glory In Death: The regiment\"s mission is come die, and also take as many enemies v it as possible.
We need to Repent: The regiment believes that is on a mission to pay for your homeworld\"s sins through blood.
Tribal Faiths: This regiment is beholden to primitive beliefs. If from a civilized world, clannish methods from hive gang societies or other such traditions predominate.
Steel over Flesh: This regiment to trust the way to success is through machine augmentation.
Esoteric Beliefs

Regiment Relations

Regiment friend (d100)1-56-1516-3031-3536-4546-5051-5556-6061-7576-8384-8586-8889-9192-9394-9899100
Adeptus Arbites
Adeptus Astartes (a certain chapter)
Scholastia Psykana
Adeptus Mechanicus
Adepta Sororitas (a specific order)
Adeptus Titanicus
Imperial safety (of a particular world)
Imperial Navy
Navis Nobilite (Navigators, of a particular house)
Officio Assassinorum
PDF (of a particular world)
Rogue businessman Dynasty
Schola Progenium
League the Blackships
Regiment opponents (d100)1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-7071-8081-9091-100
Roll top top the \"Regiment Friends\" table.
Chaos an are Marines
Daemon Prince/Daemon/other specific disciple of Chaos
Specific Chaos-aligned group
Dark Eldar
Other Xenos See right here for inspiration. Alternatively, watch below.

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Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-6566-7071-7576-8081-8585-9091-9293-9596-9798-100
Roll twice on this chart
Uluméathic League
Yu\"vath/Legacy that the Yu\"vath/Rak\"gol
Cythor Fiends
Nightmare-Engines the the Pale Wasting
Other Xenos varieties (pick one or roll/write one up)

Black Civil war Regiments

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