Lawson Fusao Inada was born in Fresno, California in 1938. Inada is an award winning poet and also a receiver of the American book Award, the Stafford/Hall Award for Poetry & that has additionally received number of fellowships indigenous the NEA. That is a third generation Japanese-American citizens (Sansei). When Inada was 4 years old he and also his family had been interned in ~ camps in Fresno, Arkansas and Colorado for the expression of human being War II. The cites this experiences in ~ the camps together a chief influence within his poetic works. Inada to be appointed the fifth Poet Laureate because that the state of Oregon in 2006 & has been Professor of English at southern Oregon State College due to the fact that 1966.

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William Hohri was born in mountain Francisco in 1927. He was an American political activist because that the legal rights of those impacted by the U.S. Plan of internment initiated after the strike on Pearl Harbor. He to be the lead plaintiff in a sue seeking loss by those hosted in internment camps during people War II. As a result of these efforts the American civil Liberties action of 1988 awarded former detainees $20,000 and an main apology from the U.S. Government. In 1989, his publication Repairing America: one Account of the motion for Japanese American Redress was known by the American book Awards. Hohri died in Los Angeles in 2010 from symptom of Alzheimer"s disease.

Patricia Wakida is a Yonsei whose parents to be interned as youngsters in the Jerome & Gila river camps. She has substantial experience researching & writing around Japanese American artists and also writers, with occupational published in countless newspapers, journals, books and anthologies. (from Heyday Books)



Through an individual documents, art, and also propaganda, just What we Could lug expresses v words, art, and haunting recollections, the fear, confusion and also anger that the camp endure (from Heyday Books).

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How well did you know the story of the Japanese internment experience prior to you check out this book? exactly how did it change your sense of that historic event?In ‘performing patriotic deeds" through voluntarily arriving to be exile to the camps, the Japanese-Americans seem willing to let go of their very own rights together a show of fix to be a part of the American cause. Execute you think they thought that this acts would be rewarded after the war? execute you feel that you would certainly be ready to provide up her individual legal rights if you believed it would aid ease stress in your community? Why carry out you think they went? was it an act of confidence in the American government, or did they watch no other options but to obey?If you to be in the shoes of some of the people featured in this book how would certainly you cope through only maintaining what friend could carry on your person? What would certainly be most precious come you and why?The Japanese-American internees were closely quartered and also many times deprived of personal privacy. Have actually you had actually a comparable experience? What room some coping methods that these individuals occurred as a result of being deprived that their personal space? What coping strategies carry out you have when you are in cases you don"t want to it is in in? In straddling the line in between their 2 identities (Japanese & American) do you think over there would ever before be a ‘home" for the civilization described in the book? What do you think about your ‘home"? Is that the U.S.? Why or why not? take into consideration all the activism, and also the broader movement towards multicultural acceptance, that has taken place about the issue of Japanese American internment over the last couple of decades. What social movements have you to be a part of in her lifetime? have you ever felt separated from her background or identification while taking part in a cause? walk you ever before feel like you were helping create something new in the culture that others, part day, could be a component of? execute you still feel that way?


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