This is the original Optimus Prime from Transformers G1 versus the Gundam RX-78-2 piloted by Amuro Ray.

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Optimus Prime has access to the abilities of his incarnations detailed below (except for Alternity)-

Amuro Ray as an adult and also experience from all official appearances, RX-78-2 has accessibility to all weaponry regardless of the RX"s bring capacity.

Scenario 1: On Earth

Scenario 2: In space

Scenario 3: Both areas open

CIS off, winner by fatality or BFR

Which G1? RX1782 deserve to stalemate the cartoon or Marvel G1 Optimus. IDW would certainly tear the original Gundam a brand-new one. Mixing tasks from various other convoys from the Japanese continuty provides it a huge mismatch in Optimus Prime"s favor.


The OP mentions the composite linked. Do you think it"s a misenhance in light of Gundam speed and reaction time? I"m also curious what about his IDW incarcountry you think is premium to his cartoon or Marvel portrayals since many of his accomplishments I"m conscious of come from the cartoon, choose lifting an oil tanker or planetary reentry?

I"ve checked out all of the original MSG. Amuro has actually super huguy speed yet his RX178 still gets hit by regular human beings in large robots on a constant basis. In the cartoon, his major evil one is Megatron but he fights a entirety mess of villians stronger than Megatron in the comics consisting of Scorponok, Sixshot, Thunderwing, and Jhiaxus. As for Marvel, I think Optimus was nerfed at around issue 80 once he lost the ability to transdevelop. To my understanding, he hasn"t regot his Powergrasp body.

I need to additionally add that Optimus has been in a war for numerous years while the original Gundam was just deeply associated in the One Year battle. Prime challenged all sorts of unbeatable foes (ie Unicron, Thunderwing, Underbase Starscream). Amuro has actually struggled through even more experinced foes including Char in suits choose the Zaku, someone Amuro could"ve bconsumed handily at the end of the series.

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Screwattack did a good video on this

Rx78-2 does not have actually anypoint over Optimus except take a trip speed. Prime has phyiscals, experience, ability, techniques in another league compared to Amuro.

In combat rate, Optimus have the right to focus watch time in sluggish activity while not being sluggish choose every little thing else in 1:29