Are girlfriend looking to obtain into cut your very own hair through a pair of well-rounded clippers? You require to check out this Oster fast feed review.

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Can’t decision whether you desire to be much more casual or take a leap right into the more “pro” hair cutters?

Would favor something that doesn’t heat too much and cuts back on noise levels?

There’s a high possibility your choices align through what the Oster fast Feed offers. While as I barber I prefer their larger brother, the Oster 76, i can’t deny a simple fact:

These are among the ideal medium-budget hair clippers on the sector currently.

Join me because that a thorough, balanced Oster rapid Feed review. Its purpose would it is in to permit you recognize whether certainly this is the hair cutter you’ve been looking for.


You"ll love it for theseBut friend won"t choose these
Great value for its average priceGuards aren"t that good
Stays quite quiet & coolNot good for bulk cutting
Quality carbonized stainless stole bladesClumsy on/off switch
Easy to useCan"t be used as balding clipper
Solid cord + ergonomics

A lot have the right to be said around these clippers in this specific Oster quick feed review. Let’s begin with the usual: they weigh the standard 1 lbs. Considering their output, this is simply the best weight – you have actually a expert hair cutter here. Fast Feeds stick to the basics of Oster’s product line: vintage look at in a classy burgundy color that leans ~ above the darker side. The cord is also pretty solid and of high quality:


You’ll receive three combs (1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″) with the set, all together with a mix comb that’s nifty because that fading action. The course, Oster have prepared the usual maintenance kit – clean brush, tongue guard and also a little tube of clipper oil too. Note: If you desire to obtain all 8 guards, there’s additionally Fast Feeds v the whole kit had on Okay talk around the safety a bit later. First, I want to emphasis on the sexiness of the rapid Feeds. It is right, I simply used the word “sexy” because that a set of Oster hair clippers. This is why:

Fast feed clippers have a very comfortable grip as result of their shape and quality the the material.Unlike many other barber hair cutters, they stay cooler for much longer periods that time.They’re quiet. You have the right to enjoy her blissful moment of buzzing there is no a device roaring in your ears.

3 extremely crucial points and also three wins because that this model, which you must take right into account. Furthermore, also when the Feeds acquire hotter, they will be warm instead of the an ext sizzling heat you can experience with some heavy-duty models. This Oster clippers are rather versatile in their use. Let me talk about their chisels so you know their feasible applications better.

first things first: this is an adjustable blade clipper. In other words, you usage a side bar to regulate the cutting length of the rapid Feed blades. The very same as standard adjustable hair clippers, this model lets you walk from #000 to #1. This method you change from 1/50″ come 3/32″ together we explain in our substantial guide on clipper sizes. Take it a look in ~ the blades:


Looks quite sharp and also sturdy, right? due to the fact that it is. Oster often tend to put their clipper knives through an extremely harsh cold conditions, cryogenically trial and error them. This means the stainless steel, carbonized tongue becomes even sharper and also lasts because that a longer duration of time. The black bar on the side is the precise same “arm” you’ll use to adjust the cut length. You will do it also notice that the spacing between the teeth. This is what renders the rapid Feeds quite adept at cut coarse and also thick hair properly. The tongue quality is one of the factors we’ve had this Oster clipper in our perform of the ideal fading clippers. Don’t doubt its versatility, despite – its quiet and cool procedure makes it fairly the remarkable clipper for beginners and also home individuals too. In ~ the exact same time, the fast Feeds aren’t good for bulk cutting. I indicate you make reservation them as a sidekick to heavy-duty clippers choose the Oster 76, Wahl an elderly or Andis grasp if you arrangement on cutting volumes of hair. While the pivot motor of the 76023-510 rapid Feed clippers is powerful enough, the no enhance for a Seniors motor or the capability of the classic 76. And without a very powerful motor come “feed” the clipper, mass cutting will be a little bit difficult.

If you want to stand out from the rest, the Oster fast Feed clipper comes in countless variations. You have eye-candies like famed Woodgrain rapid Feeds, snake skin or Driftwood customized clippers…And the course, you have my favorite: the Oster fast Feed club Tattoo version:


The quick Feed comes v a couple of hair clipper guards included, together I mentioned. And also that’s great!

However, their quality, at the very least when contrasted with the various other pieces the this hair cutter, are…well, disappointing.

What I would certainly advise friend to execute is to obtain the double Andis Nano magnetic guards. They’re totally compatible with the model and also will improve your haircuts and the Feeds’ performance together a whole.

You can obtain either the smaller sized #0 come #4 Nano security (1/16″ to 1/2″) or the enlarge #5 come #8 persons (5/8″ come 1″.) through their magnetic mechanism, lock won’t feeling flimsy, will certainly fit come the blade much more secure, and also simply make your life easier.


For world looking to pond the slick fully looks, the fast Feed clippers i will not ~ quite suit you. As with bulk cut that acquired mentioned before, serving together a balding clipper simply isn’t among this Oster cutter’s purposes. I indicate you head to the finest balding clippers list we’ve ready for you and take your pick from the haircutting equipments presented there.

If you a casual user who desires to touch ~ above a semi-pro territory, this is one of the ideal hair clippers because that you.

It’s ergonomic, quiet, doesn’t heat too much and also will get that buzzcut you desire to soil right. 

For barbers beginning out, this is a good tool for beginners. Just remember to gain something more heavy-duty all set as your main mass hair cutter.

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In this Oster fast feed review, I guarantee you. You will do it be more than delighted by one of the medium-budget market kings. You just need to know that boundaries.