Oxygen no Included is just one of my really favourite games. And it"s additionally just freshly been released, which way a whole wave of bright-eyed players have actually just begun their very own journey into this hilarious, beautiful, infernally complex suffocation simulator.

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So, to every those players: this is the Oxygen Not consisted of guide that i wish I had when ns was first starting out. Updated because that the complete release that ONI, I"ll go with all the problems you"ll need to solve in your an initial 30 cycles action by step, and also show you exactly how to usage this first month to create a beautiful, elegant, and completely functional base.

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Oxygen Not had guide: your very first 30 cycles

Oxygen Not consisted of guide contents

Oxygen Not consisted of is a exponentially impressive simulation, and also there"s an awful lot come learn around keeping her duplicants (or "dupes") alive the the game doesn"t teach you. To illustrate my points, I"ll to express to various screenshots from the very first 30 cycles in my latest game. If you desire to have precisely the very same experience as I did, here are the details girlfriend need:

Difficulty: SurvivalAsteroid: TerraSeed: 616868630

This Oxygen Not had guide will assume part very basic knowledge - exactly how to dig, how to build, exactly how to set priorities, and so on. I"ve sorted the Oxygen Not contained guide into various "problems" the you"ll must solve in bespeak to keep your dupes alive and happy. So, let"s begin!


The trouble of Duplicants - Oxygen Not contained guide

The first major element of any Oxygen Not consisted of game is deciding top top your starting three dupes. There room a couple of basic guidelines here that I constantly follow:

Try to discover one an excellent researcher, one good operator, and one an excellent digger or constructor.Look out for optimistic traits which provide you attribute bonuses, such together Night Owl, Early Bird, Buff, and also so on.These are the only an unfavorable traits you should be happy with: Gastrophobia, Pacifist, Squeamish, Yokel, Irritable Bowel, and Small Bladder. The remainder are much more trouble than the dupes are worth.

You can see above the three dupes I settled on. If, favor me, you finish up with a Night Owl on her team, climate while they"re resting at the end of your very first cycle you should head into the scheduling tab and create a brand-new schedule for the dupe, so that they"re constantly at work during the 3 default "sleeping blocks".

Oxygen Not contained starts you in the center of one asteroid, through nothing yet three dupes, a to press Pod, and a Ration crate of food, and also a faint indication to begin digging. Stumped? ns don"t reprimand you.

The difficulty of to pee & Sleep - Oxygen Not contained guide

Priorities: Outhouse (x2), Wash basin (x2), Pitcher Pump, Cot (x3)

So, you"ve landed in the middle of an asteroid, and currently our attention has turned in the direction of urination. The optimal priority because that your very first cycle is to develop a latrine area: dig out a dead-end somewhere nearby, and build two Outhouses in ~ the finish of it, v two Wash Basins at the entrance v their arrows pointingaway from the Outhouses (so the dupes wash their hands as soon as exiting the latrine area).

But that"s no all! The other vital thing you require is a supply that water: else your Wash basins won"t function. So dig in the direction of the nearest supply and build a Pitcher Pump to suck increase all the lovely soon-to-be-germ-infested water.

Once you"ve acquired those three things working, the immediate dilemm is over. You"re no much longer in hazard of your dupes painting your asteroid yellow. The following step is to create an initial barracks area whereby your dupes can sleep, for this reason plop down three Cots in a separate room close to the Latrine.

This is what I completed in my very first cycle: two Outhouses, 2 Wash containers (always have as countless Wash basins as Outhouses), a Pitcher Pump, 3 Cots, and also the beginnings of the next step, i m sorry is...

The problem of power & study - Oxygen Not had guide

Priorities: hand-operated Generator, Battery (x2), study Station, Oxygen Diffuser

Now the your dupes have a location to relax themselves, it"s time come look in the direction of power. Plenty of of the remedies to the various difficulties that arise transparent Oxygen Not included require power. Because that now, all we"ll require is a single Manual Generator hooked up to a pair of Batteries.

The first two things you"ll require that call for power room a Research Station (so girlfriend can set your researcher to job-related thinking up brand-new ways to solve problems), and an Oxygen Diffuser. The Oxygen Diffuser won"t be necessary for another cycle or two but you might as well build it all now and disable the Diffuser till all the natural Oxylite giving Oxygen to her base has actually run out.

Remember to hook it every up with wires! In total, you"ll require 1200-1400 Copper Ore to create all this, therefore make sure you mine any immediate patches of Copper Ore approximately your starting location.

You might also place all of these buildings on the same level, so that you have the right to save top top Copper Ore by connecting it all via a solitary line of wire.

The problem of Food - Oxygen Not contained guide

Priorities: Microbe Musher, an easy Farming Research

We"ve sorted our initial strength supply and also the simple needs of our dupes, yet the food in our Ration crate won"t last united state long. Our setup for gaining us through the first hundred cycles or much more will be to build a Mealwood farm yard so we deserve to feed our dupes through Liceloaf, yet we"re not rather ready for the yet, and we require our dupes to no starve in the interim.

So, on bicycle 3 our priorities are twofold: first, we require to obtain our researcher began on the "Farming" ar of the tech tree, beginning with Basic Farming and heading instantly on to Meal Preparation. And second, we have to build and hook increase a Microbe Musher and collection it come churn out countless Mush Bars - since food poisoning is preferable come starvation.

Besides this, cycle 3 is a good time to expand the basic a small more. You"ll see listed below I"ve placed doors in ~ the entrances to our bathroom and barracks area so that we obtain the Morale boost from those completed rooms (if you"ve no idea what I"m talk about, fight F11 in-game to carry up the Room Overlay). Her Printing Pod will also give girlfriend the option for a fourth dupe this cycle. Use the same criteria as I laid the end at the start of this guide. If there space no perfect candidates, you can always pick the non-dupe offering, or reject it altogether. Remember, more dupes isn"t constantly a great thing as you"ll must keep castle fed and also oxygenated. They"ve gotta be precious the trouble.

By the end of bicycle 3, I have a fourth Dupe v Cot installed, an easy Farming researched, and also a Microbe Musher hooked up and ready come churn the end Mush Bars until we can shift over to Liceloaf.

The trouble of Food, component 2 - Oxygen Not contained guide

Priorities: Mealwood Farm

The Food Saga continues. Hopefully by this time your researcher will have finished researching Meal Preparation, which will permit you come get starting with your Mealwood Farm making use of your shiny brand-new Farm Tiles.

For the base layout I"m using (8 dupes every barracks), it"s a an excellent idea to place down a farm of 30 farm yard Tiles, which will be just sufficient to keep all 8 dupes fed. It"s it s okay if friend don"t have enough Mealwood seeds for every one of them ideal now; simply plant yet many you can.

This task may take an ext than a single cycle to complete. Below I am in the middle of cycle 5, just around to actually plant mine Mealwood seeds.

The trouble of Oxygen & birds - Oxygen Not contained guide

Priorities: enable Oxygen Diffuser, destruction out birds & Copper Ore, Research, second Manual Generator

While you"re getting your Mealwood Farm set up, this is a great time to turn your Oxygen Diffuser ago on if girlfriend disabled the earlier. You"re likely not to have actually much much more Oxylite left by bike 5.

The other thing to take it stock that is your material reserves. Inspect the dropdown food selection on the right-hand side of your display screen for anything you"re short on, specifically Algae and Copper Ore together these are essential and slightly rarer 보다 the usual Dirt and Sandstone that every little thing is made from in your starting biome.

Also make sure you continue researching. Your research study dupe have to do small else. After Meal ready is finished, beeline come Advanced Research and then pick up Power Regulation because that the Jumbo battery it provides you.

And currently would it is in a an excellent time to add a second hands-on Generator to your power terminal so that you can easily keep Oxygen Diffuser, research Station, and also Microbe Musher it is provided at every times.

Looking at the Oxygen Overlay, you have the right to see some locations of mine base had actually started come darken after the Oxylite ran out; but with the Oxygen Diffuser currently running, things are already beginning to brighten.

The problem of storage & contamination - Oxygen Not consisted of guide

Priorities: produce Water Lock for air pollution area, develop Storage Bins

You"ll no doubt have actually tonnes the debris littering every surface ar of her base, i beg your pardon dupes hate with a enthusiasm (check out just how much the an impact debris provides on the Decor Overlay making use of F8). Therefore you"ll require to produce a bunch that Storage Bins for this reason dupes have actually somewhere to placed all this trash. I"d recommend 10-15 Bins to begin with, somewhere turn off to the next of her base.

The other trouble is slightly more complex. We"re walk to download a Water Lock so that we have a ar to save the nasty polluted products that come from our Latrine. Outhouses create Polluted Dirt, and also Wash containers produce Polluted Water. Both these things cough the end Polluted Air, i beg your pardon isn"t nice to have actually floating around. Thus the Water Lock.

A Water Lock is a way of creating an airtight barrier between 2 areas, and it"s actually an extremely easy. Check listed below for reference: you"ll require a V-shaped depression in the ground, and also you"ll must install a Bottle Emptier alongside it, with Auto-Bottle enabled so that dupes will fill the room up through water. When it"s done, decoding the bottle Emptier, and build a Compost Heap (for the Polluted Dirt) and another Bottle Emptier over a tiny pit (for the Polluted Water) on the various other side.

And there you have actually it! friend now have actually a way to dispose of Polluted material without it constantly presenting Polluted Air right into your base. Dupes won"t prefer going there much (they don"t choose to travel through water), but luckily they"ll only should go there sparingly anyway.

On the left, you can see my Water-Locked contamination area in progress, with room because that both Compost and also a small Polluted Water dump. Meanwhile, on the right, you deserve to see the beginnings of my warehouse area.

The difficulty of moral & Rot - Oxygen Not included guide

Priorities: Debris, Rooms, Sterilise Food, supervisor Computer

Now the your warehouse area is built, it"s more than likely an idea at this point to just collection everyone that isn"t on crucial tasks (research, providing power) come sweep increase the debris throughout your base, due to the fact that Dupes hate mess.

Another point worth considering if friend haven"t done so currently is transforming all her rooms right into actual rooms to gain the linked morale bonus. V bathroom and barracks this will certainly be easy; you can see below that I"ve also started putting together a Recreation Room and a Massage Clinic (requires Employment and Interior Decor techs) because that even an ext of a moral boost.

Another large important thing to recognize is the your food will certainly rot in ~ a couple of cycles if you don"t store it in a sterile environment. Fortunately, there"s straightforward solution come this. Deconstruct your Ration Box, and also build one more one in ~ the bottom of your base whereby it"s 100% CO2. Carbon Dioxide is sterile, so your food will be kept forever as long as the CO2 stays there.

Finally, proceed to research! build a Super Computer if girlfriend haven"t currently done so, and start heading towards the Sanitation and also Distillation techs.

All this will more than likely take several cycles, and also that"s okay, since you"ve earned yourself a little bit of a respite from the "always something come fix" attitude that Oxygen Not consisted of forces you come adopt.

Massage Clinic on the left, and also Recreation Room top top the right. Massage Tables are a hell that a drain on your power at this point, so ns would keep them disabled because that now.

The problem of transportation - Oxygen Not had guide

Priorities: Fire Poles, Tiles

Fire Poles space great, and you should arrangement from bike 1 to combine them into your base. They cost a same amount the Copper Ore, yet they dramatically increase the efficiency of her base and also the transport of her dupes. Refined Renovations is the technology you need, so make a begin towards the if friend haven"t already, and then placed some Fire Poles down next to your main ladders.

If you have actually some preventive dupe-power, you might also want to take it this time to replace any kind of natural floors, walls, and ceilings to your base through Tiles, since not just do they boost decor and morale, but they also enable dupes come run quicker through her base.

By the start of bicycle 15, I have two Fire Poles next to my key ladders. You will certainly also notification my make the efforts to relocate the large flat expanse the water that offered to exist listed below my bathroom into a quite neat reservoir.

The problem of Water - Oxygen Not included guide

Priorities: height up water reserves if needed

You might not need to do this if you gained lucky v your civilization seed, however I essential to at approximately this point, so I"ll encompass it. Our next large project will need us to have actually a an excellent deal the readily obtainable water, and while I have actually a quite amount already, that could absolutely be improved.

If you"re playing in addition to the same seed, girlfriend may have actually noticed an huge supply that water above the base, which would be perfect if not for its dreadful positioning. For this reason I made decision to produce a single-block tunnel through my base (walling it turn off so ns don"t drown whatever in water), and drilled right into the bottom that the water reservoir over so that relocates to a an ext accessible position.

As ns said, you may not must do this, but if friend do, then this is exactly how it"s done!

The breakthrough moment as my dupes drill into the bottom of the enormous water reservoir over my base, and it every deluges down v the closely crafted tunnel in my basic to height up my existing reservoir. Feels an excellent man.

The trouble of Urine, component 2 - Oxygen Not included guide

Priorities: replace Latrine through Washroom

Your an initial big project, and your an initial foray into the wonderful human being of plumbing, will certainly be the production of a fully-functional Washroom, containing Lavatories, Sinks and also Showers. You"ll additionally need a Liquid Pump at the bottom of your water reservoir, and also a tonne that Liquid Pipes and Wires connecting it all properly.

Sounds favor a lot, and it"ll take it you a couple of cycles, but it"s no that bad really. Check the below image together a overview on just how to hook it all up. I originally fed the polluted water from the Washroom straight into a Water Sieve, i m sorry feeds clean water earlier into the Washroom, developing a closeup of the door loop. And also this is certainly a an excellent thing to do later on; however as has been stated to me, in ~ this suggest it can be worth saving on power and also continuing to collection the Polluted Water in the hole you"ve dug, so that you can ultimately use it for a Reed Fiber farm yard (which needs Polluted Water and also doesn"t care around germs).

But in any kind of case, congratulate you yourself - the was the greatest project you needed to finish within your an initial 30 cycles!

The picture gives girlfriend an idea that a closeup of the door loop situation, which will run until the fluid Reservoirs room filled up (this will certainly take perhaps 80-100 Cycles), however for now you don"t require the Reservoirs or the Water Sieve - just drop the Polluted Water right into the hole you"ve dug, as before.

The problem of Oxygen, part 2 - Oxygen Not consisted of guide

Priorities: include another Oxygen Diffuser if needed

This is a good time to revisit your Oxygen situation and see if your dupes are getting all the life-giving gases castle need. If not, then merely add an additional Oxygen Diffuser. It"ll usage up an ext Power and also Algae, but your situation with both should be fine, and besides, they only run when the approximately gas pressure is listed below maximum, therefore it"s not prefer they"ll both be to run 24/7.

I determined to deconstruct among the 2 Massage Tables that ns wasn"t using anyway, so i could add another Oxygen Diffuser higher up in mine base.

The problem of Food, part 3 - Oxygen Not included guide

Priorities: farm Station, chaos Hall

If you haven"t excellent so already, I"d location down a Farm Station in the exact same room together all her Mealwood so friend can advantage from the Greenhouse room moral bonus. Now"s also a good time to find a an excellent spot because that a Mess Hall if you haven"t already. All you require for currently is a room with a door and 8 or therefore Mess Tables inside. If you"ve obtained an artist and also the forced techs, girlfriend can collection them walk on turning it right into a Great Hall too, because that even much more morale!

The starts of my humble chaos Hall. Together time goes on girlfriend can increase this right into a spacious and also well-decorated an excellent Hall to give your dupes the maximum moral benefit.

The trouble of What to Do next - Oxygen Not had guide

Priorities: Power, Oxygen, Exploration, Expansion

Congratulations! No doubt you"ve got to Cycle 30 with loved one ease if you adhered to this Oxygen Not had guide. Here"s my base at roughly the bicycle 30 mark, because that reference:


But what"s following for you and your dupes?

Now you"re start what ns would call the mid-game. Here the difficulties that need solving are further apart, however require much more time come solve. Things favor putting with each other a ideal Power Station filled with Coal Generators and also Hydrogen Generators (preferably within an Ice Biome filled through Wheezeworts so the nothing overheats). Things like building a self-powered Electrolyzer System (commonly dubbed a "SPOM" - Self-Powered Oxygen Module) that provides water rather of algae to pump Oxygen with your base. Things like experimenting into various other biomes in your search for Cool heavy steam Vents and also Natural Gas Geysers so her base have the right to reach the next level in regards to power generation and self-sufficiency.

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But together for just how to settle those problems... Well, for the time being in ~ least, that"s because that you to discover out for yourself.